Super Bowl XLIX: 3 Top Long Shot Props

Hundreds of available props can be found at most reputable online sportsbooks. Here are 3 top long shot proposition bets.

While I don't advocate ruining your dinner by feasting upon too many "prop appetizers" to ruin your appetite, the following are three interesting Long Shot Prop opportunities that are worth a small risk while you order up the traditional game choice and/or Over/Under selection.

Hundreds of available props can be found at most reputable, OSGA-recommended sportsbooks including BetOnline, WagerWeb and Diamond Sports. The following proposition bets were obtained from current lines available at

Who will score the First Touchdown?
This is just pure speculation and not based on any data-driven theory. Anyone else who tries to prove this to you is a fool.

Let's just assume with their quick-score mentality the New England Patriots will score the first touchdown of the game. And for odds sake, let's focus away from lower odds favorite Rob Gronkowski at 13/2. The selection here is generous odds on starting WR Julian Edelman at 10-1 or less popular but capable WR Danny Amendola at 20-1. A play on BOTH will net you a large profit as it's less likely the Pats score rushing the ball IF they score first.

Total Interceptions – Darrelle Revis
Over .5 (+250)
Under .5 (-325)

I like the idea of a defensive guy that that might be going to the Hall of Fame someday, is playing in the Super Bowl with 23 lifetime interceptions and getting +250 odds to pick off a pass. Yes, it's not to be counted upon, but if the Pats indeed do intercept a Russell Wilson pass, this is the most likely guy to do it. While not a huge longshot, good enough odds to take this bet and look smart if it happens at generous odds.

Half Time Score / Who will Will the game?
New England Patriots Tied / Win (+1400)
Seattle Seahawks Tied / Win (+1400)

Another, "take a flyer" bet on a basic "pick-em" game and hope the game is TIED AT HALFTIME. Therefore, if you bet both the Patriots and Seahawks at +1400 or 14-1 you cash, no matter who wins the Super Bowl. The bet is on selecting the game will be tied at halftime. For a game that is supposed to be extremely close, this is not an impossibility.

Do your homework before placing any prop bets at online sportsbooks. Check the top online sportsbook list beffore sending any money offshore..

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