domain up for sale, one of the igaming world’s most coveted website domain names, is being offered for $20m (€16.9m)., one of the igaming world's most coveted website domain names, is being offered for $20m (€16.9m).

The URL is the most expensive of a number of assets offered by internet and domain consultancy RightOfTheDot and domain auction company NameJet.

Also available are for $5m, for $30,000 and for $5,000.

Non-gambling domains offered include for $6.5m, for $5m and for $3.3m.

If not acquired on the open market, the domain names will be sold during the NamesCon live auction on January 30. has long been considered one of the world's most prized domains, and is currently a portal for the game. It offers links to leading poker sites and tutorials on how to play.

In 1999 Inc. obtained the worldwide rights to the domain for 99 years through a brokered deal with UniNet Technology Inc. who obtained the rights from AlaCorp Inc.

In 2007 various reports said the domain had been sold, although the purchase price was estimated at anywhere between $22m from $27m. The sale was never confirmed.

The $5.5m paid for and are the biggest confirmed deals involving gambling domains. sold for $2.5m in April 2011.

It is believed that the $35.6m paid for in 2010 makes it the most expensive web domain ever.

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