NFL Betting: Christian McCaffrey's Next Team

The Carolina Panthers have put Christian McCaffrey on the trade block and fans can wager on which team ends up with the star back.

Odds have McCaffrey going to a Super Bowl contender

Last week, the Carolina Panthers made it known that they would entertain trade offers for their star running back, Christian McCaffrey. Though it seems like every team would want a shot at the star running back, the top teams are apparently the ones most likely to make a trade and are at the top of the odds board.

Panther Christian McCaffrey trade oddsHaving fired awful head coach Matt Rhule and with the trade of wide receiver Robbie Anderson to Arizona, it's obvious that the Panthers are heading into rebuild, if not tanking, mode. The difference is that the Panthers only got undisclosed draft compensation for their second leading receiver (after McCaffrey), but, after racking up 158 all-purpose yards in Sunday's loss to the Rams, McCaffrey's suitors may have to pony up even more on an already-lofty price tag. 

Industry-leading sportsbook BetOnline has set odds for which team may be inclined to send over a massive trade haul for the dynamic, yet oft-injured, playmaker in his fifth year out of Stanford. And not so surprisingly, the Super Bowl favorite is at the top of the list. It will be interesting to see where the bets roll in as the trade deadline nears and where a game-changing running back like McCaffrey will end up in 2022.

Potential Trade Team  Odds
Buffalo Bills  4-1
Miami Dolphins  5-1
Los Angeles Rams  6-1
New England Patriots  8-1
San Francisco 49ers  9-1
Denver Broncos  10-1
Philadelphia Eagles   12-1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers  14-1
Atlanta Falcons  16-1
Jacksonville Jaguars  18-1
New York Jets   20-1
Baltimore Ravens   22-1
Chicago Bears  25-1
Pittsburgh Steelers  28-1
Arizona Cardinals  33-1
Dallas Cowboys  35-1
Kansas City Chiefs  40-1
Green Bay Packers   45-1
Washington Commanders  50-1
Seattle Seahawks  55-1
Las Vegas Raiders   66-1
New York Giants  66-1
Detroit Lions    80-1
Houston Texans  80-1
Los Angeles Chargers  80-1
New Orleans Saints  80-1
Cincinnati Bengals  100-1
Cleveland Browns  100-1
Indianapolis Colts  100-1
Minnesota Vikings   100-1
Tennessee Titans  100-1

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