Bookie Battles ChatGPT-4 in Head-to-Head NFL Picks Competition for 2023 Regular Season

Can oddsmaker and pro sports bettor select more NFL winners than ChatGPT?

Betonline takes on AI

In a groundbreaking event that pits human against artificial intelligence, proudly announces "BURNS vs. BOT" -- an NFL picks competition between a pro gambler and ChatGPT-4.

Betonline vs AI picking gamesWhile history often paints a bleak picture of man versus machine, with technology reigning supreme in battles of brainpower, the world of sports proves to be the ultimate underdog story.

And now for the first time ever, a veteran sports bettor and oddsmaker will face off against the formidable ChatGPT-4 in a season-long NFL prediction battle.

"This is the first time in sports betting history a professional in the gambling world has gone head-to-head with ChatGPT-4," BetOnline Chief Marketing Officer, Edward Knight, said. "The score is nil-nil right now. We're confident in our guy, but it's hard to beat the bot."

Meet The Contestants

Adam Burns, a former professional bettor and current Sportsbook Manager for one of the world's largest online gambling platforms,

ChatGPT-4, an advanced artificial intelligence (AI) language model designed to generate human-like text responses based on the input it receives.

Competition Rules

The "BURNS vs. BOT" rules are simple: Burns and ChatGPT-4 will make weekly picks against the spread for every game throughout the 2023 NFL regular season.

To ensure fairness, the competition relies on fixed pointspreads established every Tuesday at 5 p.m. ET. Regardless of unforeseen variables like injuries that could prompt odds movements, both Burns and ChatGPT must submit their picks no later than Wednesday at 5 p.m. ET each week. All spreads are set with half points to eliminate ties.

Picks will be posted every Thursday on BetOnline's social media channels:

Twitter - @betonline_ag
Instagram - @betonline_ag
YouTube - @BetOnlineag_Official

Week 1 Ppicks can be viewed on Twitter

ChatGPT-4 Picks Process

In order to enhance ChatGPT-4's ability to make precise predictions regarding NFL games and their pointspreads, BetOnline supplied the AI with a comprehensive repository of NFL data.

Here are some samples of the data provided:

Advanced Statistical Analytics: granted ChatGPT-4 access to a wide array of sophisticated statistical analytics. These encompass historical team and player performance data, offensive and defensive statistics, scoring trends and more.

Injury Reports: ChatGPT-4 was fed real-time injury reports, which include updates on players who may be sidelined due to injuries or playing at less than full capacity.

Roster Matchups: equipped ChatGPT-4 with comprehensive roster matchup data, including player statistics, positional analyses and historical performance against specific opponents.

Historical Game Data: Access to past game data, including the results of previous matchups, helps ChatGPT-4 analyze patterns and trends. This historical context allows the AI to take into account factors like home-field advantage, previous head-to-head performance and other situational variables.

Weather Conditions: Weather can affect skill players' performances, field conditions and overall game strategies. has incorporated real-time weather data into ChatGPT-4's knowledge base to ensure it considers weather-related variables.

Coaching Strategies: Understanding the coaching strategies of NFL teams and how they may evolve during a game is vital. ChatGPT-4 has access to information about coaching staffs, play-calling tendencies and in-game decision-making, enabling it to factor in the strategic aspects of each matchup.

Contest Prop Bets

Gamblers can place real-money wagers on who will emerge as the sharpest against-the-spread predictor each week. Additionally, they can bet on whether Burns or ChatGPT-4 will achieve a 65% win rate.

What's more, random cash prizes will rain down upon Twitter followers who engage with the contest's posts any week where Burns loses to the bot.

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