Who is In and Who is Out after Recent Online Gaming Website Seizures

The fallout from the recent website seizures by the U.S. is still ongoing. Here is a brief (and ever-evolving) list of who is in and who is out for U.S. players.

The fallout from the recent website seizures by the U.S. is still ongoing. Companies are running away from America, changing domain names or simply fleeing all together. Keeping up with who is in and who is out following both Black Friday and the U.S. processor sting has become increasingly difficult as almost every day another participant in the U.S. online gambling market makes a change. As of this writing here is a brief (and ever-evolving) list of who is in and who is out for U.S. players.

Let’s start with who is in because unfortunately for players, that is a much shorter list. Following the latest domain seizures of URLs like bookmaker.com, doylesroom.com, 2betdsi.com and others there was a fundamental change in the way many sites that service U.S. players operate. They moved their domains out of the dot com realm! Players can still wager at all of the aforementioned places just at different addresses.

BookMaker is now located at bmaker.ag, Diamond is at betdsi.com (though that surely will be changing), Doyle’s Room and True Poker also moved to Antigua with doylesroom.ag and truepoker.ag. Even places that did not see their URLs taken or their names on any recent government paperwork are moving to web addresses that do not end in .com. You now have to surf to Europe for Bodog which is at bodog.eu and travel to Panama to find BetUS at betus.com.pa. Still, some of the large companies like BetUS, Sportsbook.com, SIA and a few others are not accepting NEW players from the US.

Sorting through the places that are no longer doing business in the U.S. is a bit harder. The list for both casinos and poker rooms is long and mainly due to the fact that certain software providers are making their clients ‘just say no’ to us players. This is similar to what Cryptologic , Playtech and others did after the passage of the UIGEA. Some online gambling houses are also planning to or have shut down altogether.

The Merge Poker network stated early on that they were going to refuse players from the states that have been aggressive in any of the DoJ actions. The list includes Missouri, Maryland, New York, Kentucky, Louisiana and Washington State. However, as recently as yesterday Merge has decided to give up on the US altogether, at least for now. Existing players are apparently still able to use the likes of Carbon Poker, PlayAces and PokerHost and can go to lockpoker.eu. If these poker rooms cannot find new processing to handle the increased need to process withdrawals, then this is probably a good short term solution to a current backlog of payments at several Merge rooms. In addition, the bigger sites in their network, Sportsbook.com, Hollywood, etc had already decided to stop taking new U.S. players for most likely the same reasoning. Merge may be back.

A newer poker outfit called Victory Poker just called it quits. The operator decided that between the processing, threat of prosecution and amount of fraud that it was just not worth doing business anymore. Victory did move is players over to Cake, and plans to come back in the future . . . as a poker information website.

The Cake network will still take U.S. players and no doubt several poker rating sites will being to push the likes of 7Win Poker, Fugu Poker and other Cake-driven rooms that no one ever heard of before. Poker players, this is a dangerous time. Of course, the three Poker Giants are all still out of the U.S. leaving the market wide open for a new company to swoop in. However, players must be diligent in knowing who they are dealing with.

The same applies to online casino players. A couple of very popular casinos stopped taking new U.S. players two weeks ago including English Harbour, Millionaire Casino and Super Slots . These places may come back to the US. And finally, the likes of popular casinos Online Vegas, Go Casino, Crazy Slots, and Grand Vegas have said that they are closing down, but currently are available. There is just no “United States” in the country box on their real-money, signup page. Casino players should also be very careful jumping on any new bandwagons.

As the recent indictments have shown, gambling companies have several options open once their name appears in government documents or their URL gets seized. The trick moving forward, especially for online poker and online casino players is who will simply move their URL and who will shut down and worst of all, who will run and stiff players.


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