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PlayUG attempting to solicit BetUS players

We have been made aware of or PlayUnderground. This brand new website, registered only in January, is a members only site, with nothing on the homepage but a login box. The place is being run by two ex-employees of BetUS, who were fired at the end of 2006. These employees must have taken some names with them as several BetUS customers and, only BetUS players, have called us regarding this new shop. They claim to be able to pick and receive money anywhere in the US, but certainly have not been around long enough to establish that kind of network.

This operation apparently does not have any deep backing and beginning anew in today’s gaming climate is a frightening proposition. PlayUG is in no way affiliated with BetUS. The ex-employees are also spreading unsubstantiated rumors that BetUS is in trouble, which is totally false.


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  • Brian H.
    March 14, 2007, 3:28 pm

    I have accounts at both Betus and the UG . Betus has always been a slow paying book however Play UG had no problem paying 19,000 like it was nothing. I still play at both books , but find that I feel better going to sleep at night knowing that play ug owes me money than betus , because betus might take 4 days to process a payout and ug pays like gold!!!!!!!!

  • Brian H.
    March 15, 2007, 1:08 am

    Well I take back what I said in my previous statement about PlayUG. They sent an agent to deliver the money . Thats true , but they changed there wagering policy on me 6 times over the weekend to try and push me into wagering the way they wanted. I was told that was due to an IT issue . Tonight they did it to me 3 times and I feel I have been set up. I still have action with them right now . I don’t care if I win or lose. I don’t want to get paid anymore and don’t wish to pay them . Conveinantly there office is not open now to discuss what happened , but I will have them contacted tomorrow. Let this stand as notice to close my account . I am finished with them. My sugestion is to stick with the big books like betus. They might pay slow , but you go to sleep at night without getting strong armed . In my opinion the best best book is the greek they are honest ,pay the next morning , and don’t try and scare with agents like play ug . They are basically an illegal bookmaking operation who runs there business off of a website with no information. They did pay , but they seem like a parlor operation who wants to act like a legal book in costa rica , but run like your old bookie operation in the US. That part doesn’t bother me , but when you can’t play what you want when you want and the amounts very based on what they will allow you to bet I have a problem. I called and wanted to bet on the second half of the syracuse game on south alabama they made me call twice and there agent Mario acted smart with me and did not want to let me bet on them . He wasn’t sure I would be able to bet on them . I called a 3rd time and it was fine of course if I took syracuse. On one phone call they tried to limit me to betting 500 on a game when you are told you can bet 3000 , 2500, 1000, and 500 based on how the clerk or linesman feel they want to allow or push you into the play. Its like you can’t play the way you want. The agent that came to see me tried to scare me by telling me he and his family are old school from New York and made it seem like if something goes wrong I might get hurt. (he didn’t actually say he would ) I will have my agent or lawyer contact them to settle the situation(my account) , but I am done. What do you think about Play UG ?????

  • Tony S
    March 19, 2007, 2:59 pm

    I don’t know about but i can sure tell you about i have a bad $1200 check sitting right here. from them! that cost me over $200 in fines!
    when i called them they said they would wire the money to me, that was 8 days ago!
    here is just one example of betus

    there is lots more, any one that has a problem with should go to
    and file a Complaint and stop these punks in there tracks!

    they also trademark infringe on famous people to attract clients!

    and have several lawsuits pending against them,

    they have let there trademark expire in 2006 so don’t be surprised if they close up shop once the heat gets to hot! and take the money and run! or hide should i say!

    there affiliate site as of right now 3/19/07 4:pm EST is off line service not available! it says!…
    these are cheap punk ass crooks that have to be stopped let them earn there crack money the old way WORK FOR IT….
    they will screw players and affiliates it don’t matter they deal off cell phones! and hide from showing who or where they are!

  • Frank
    March 22, 2007, 12:46 pm

    To whoever owns or manages
    Have you been made aware of the $1200 Bad Check you sent me! and have
    not made good! are you aware of that! I have the check right here
    from dba
    Commercial L.T. Baroda (cannada) LTD. ? Suite 110-33, 4480 Cote De
    Liesse Ch, Mont-Royal, Quebec H4N 2R1
    check # 4619 date of issue 02/16/07
    Would you like me to post the check on line and also post all the
    emails your company has been sending saying that they wired the funds
    to my account to make this bad check good! and as of yet right now
    you have still not made this bad check good! was that a ex employee
    that did this also!

  • Elliott
    March 22, 2007, 3:10 pm

    I have recently started using playug. I wasn’t happy with betus. I will request a payout shortly and advise how things went.


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