OSGA Rewards Members in 2015 NFL Season

OSGA gave away over $2100 to their VIP members during the 2015 NFL regular season via two exclusive contests.

The NFL playoffs and Super Bowl 50 are right around the corner and this year OSGA members again cashed in! That’s right, OSGA gave away over $2100 to their VIP members during the 2015 NFL regular season. Two special contests were provided for OSGA members, a simple weekly Thursday Night Football Squares Contest and a season long contest, the OSGA Members-only NFL Handicapping Challenge, provided the source of the prize money.

In the Thursday Night Football Squares Contest members were allowed to pick up to 5 squares in a traditional version of the game. Prizes included a week of free handicapping selections from SportsWatchMonitor.com for those that picked the halftime square and $50 to the member who had the final score square. In the last week of the season the final score prize increased to $100! Members will again have a shot at a simple squares contest, this time for Super Bowl 50. However, prizes will be paid for each quarter, halftime and final score. Members can get in on this contest as soon as the conference championships decide who will play in the Big Game. Visitors and fans can still get onboard with a VIP membership right up until the Super Bowl for a chance to win big without risking any cash!

This was the first year for the OSGA Members-only NFL Handicapping Challenge. Each week members took their sports handicapping abilities to the next level by picking three games from a selection of seven or more pro football games from that week’s card. Since OSGA members have shown great skill in picking games (often coming in the top 5 in OSGA Free football contests), members had to assign a number value to each of pick, which represented the confidence ranking of each selection.

The initial year of the contest showed how tough it can be as two members were neck-in-neck for the last several weeks and went into week 17 tied. But it was long-time member ‘Dawk20’ who prevailed. He beat out ‘ratel’ in the last week to win by one point and collected a cool $500 for his efforts. The skill element was quite present as both ‘ratel’ and 3rd place finisher ‘H8H8rs’ had a better season-long win percentage than the champ, but he did a better job using his confidence points to eek out the 1-point win. Still ‘ratel’ collected $250, and H8H8rs collected $200. ‘zubzub’ and ‘Dan T’ also collected from the $1200 prize pool with pick percentages over 55%.

OSGA membership is about helping players win more! The sports and gaming information provided for members, the free handicapping selections and the contest prize money have proved to be invaluable to OSGA VIPs, many of who have been supporting the consumer groups’ efforts for many years. To become a member, click here. Use the code NEW16 for 10% off of an annual subscription.

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