OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge still up for grabs heading into Final Four

After two weekends and 64 games, the Final Four has arrived and many scenarios must still play out before a winner is crowned in the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge.

After two weekends and 64 games, March Madness has arrived at the Final Four. Only two top seeds remain and Villanova and Kansas must face each other on Saturday. With Loyola-Chicago as the wild card in all of this, the 2018 OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge again comes down to the final game.

Though many have tossed their brackets out by now, 50 players have ‘Nova winning it all, while 14 players have Kansas and three have Michigan hoisting the trophy. Not surprisingly, no one took Loyola-Chicago.

Last weekend saw players go from near the bottom to the top and the leader board change every day. Another fifteen players had their hopes crushed when Duke lost in overtime. Last weekend’s leader ‘steves307’ dropped way down the standings on Saturday, but came back to be tied for 7th overall heading into the Final Four. Currently, ‘vikingboy13’ is atop the leaderboard, but he has Virginia as his champ, so he has no shot of winning. ‘jjgailha’ has the most points of any player who picked Kansas, ‘Montewinns’, has the highest point total for a Nova backer, and ‘SBRUNIES’ is by far the highest ranked player with Michigan as the NCAA Champion.

Contestants in the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge can head to the contest homepage and click on Reports->Current Standings to see how much of a chance they have at winning the grand prize of $250 ($500 for OSGA Members). Players can go more in-depth by clicking on Reports->Player Scenarios to see if they have a shot. At least half a dozen players have a shot at winning it all and over 30 have a chance to hit the leaderboard and cash a prize after Monday night’s NCAA Championship game.

Best of luck to everyone with their pools and Final Four wagering!

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