OSGA Announces Winners of 15th Annual Progressive Pick ‘Em

OSGA Announces Winners of 15th Annual Progressive Pick ‘Em

Congratulations to ‘patty m’, who picked 181 correct games, averaging more than 10 wins a week, for the entire season to win the 15th annual OSGA NFL Progressive Pick ‘Em.

The 15th year for the OSGA NFL Progressive Pick ‘Em was both strange and tough, with COVID making it harder to stay on top of the games and even tougher to make winning selections. The tweaks to the weekly prize structure and outstanding picks from dozens of players made this one of the craziest years of running this contest.

For starters, the weekly contest prize that builds at $100 per week for a perfect card was hit in Week 2 . . . and it was hit by two players! And the perfect score prize was hit again in Week 10. The tie-breaker was employed in nearly every week and one week saw nearly a dozen players tie at the top of the leader board!

Congratulations to ‘patty m’ who picked 181 correct games, averaging more than 10 wins a week, for the entire season to win th e 2020 OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em, despite never capturing the weekly prize! Adding in the extra points awarded for a correct Monday Night Football pick and ‘patty m’ amassed 19,300 points – the first player ever to break 19,000! She cashed for half of the final prize pool or $350.

The first five places at the end of the season are all winners in the OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em and for the first time in a long while, there were no ties at the top of the leaderboard when the final whistle sounded on the 2020 NFL season. Long-time OSGA contest participant ‘djobie’ also hit the 19K point mark and cashed the second place prize of 25% of the final pool for $175. ‘dbloom74’ actually picked more games correctly than ‘djobie’, but was beat out via the MNF picks and came in third by just 100 points, ending up with the 3rd place prize of $70.

Fourth place paid the same $70 and ‘JNoss’ cashed that with 18,600 points and 174 wins. The final winner cashed last year as well! ‘Maynard’s TOOL Army’ finished with the exact same point total as last year, but that only was good enough to take 5th place this year. Last year he wound up in 2nd place.

We would like to thank all the players and sponsors in the 15th annual OSGA Progressive Pick ’em. Special shout outs go to ‘Husker POWER’, ‘drlarry57’ and ‘scottsavage’, who each won the weekly prize two times, but unfortunately came in 18th, 21st and 30th respectively in the season-long contest. Sponsors included BetOnline, BetPoP, BetMania, LooseLines and MyBookie. These sportsbooks offered varying weekly prizes, from teasers and parlays to live betting and odds booster plays and made good on over $1200 worth of no-deposit, free bets.

Players who are not members should look out for our annual NCAA Tournament contest and OSGA members should keep their eyes on osga.com for our annual Members’ Only Super Bowl contest.

Become a member at OSGA.com today!


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