OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge is wide open after first weekend of games

After the two rounds of games there is no clear path yet for a victor in the 2017 OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge.

March Madness is well underway and with the first two rounds of games (three if you count the play-in games) completed, there is no clear path yet for a victor in the 2017 OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge.

With #1 seed Villanova losing to Wisconsin on Saturday and the stunning upset of #2 Duke on Sunday, the bracket contest has been shaken up. Still, #1 seeds Gonzaga, Kansas and North Carolina all looked strong in their first two tournament games.

For contest players, the losses by Duke and ‘Nova are a big help as now more than 25% of the participants have had their champion dethroned in the first week. The chart below provides a breakdown of the picks for the tournament winner.

Michigan, Wisconsin, Baylor, Oregon, Butler and Florida were each picked to win it all by just one player. A look at the projected standing shows that ‘Brk’, who took Wisconsin, has a chance at the most points with ‘chrislima17’ (Michigan) and ‘oscarlee’ (Baylor) at the top should their champions selections prevail. If favorites North Carolina, Kansasor Gonzaga win it all, predicting the final winner right now is a bit cloudier.

In the first weekend two players had perfect brackets after the first day of games. But, since then, the leaderboard has changed significantly with a new leader each day. Currently ‘cconner42’ leads the pack with 51 points followed by four players with 50.

This years’ March has not been quite so Mad and with so many favorites winning, nearly half of the players in the OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge have picked games at an astonishing rate of 70% or better. In fact, only four players have picked games at less than 55%!! This all makes for an exciting finish to the contest.

Stay tuned and check the standings, we may be in for a wild ride next weekend. Who knows, with 12 of the Sweet 16 teams picked by players, almost anybody still has a shot at the grand prize!


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