Get your Picks in for the 16th Annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge!!

Get in on the action and fill out your bracket for the 16th Annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge! Enter for Free today.

The 16th Annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge is fired up and ready to GO! Make your Picks today!!

OSGA Free basketball contest

This year’s Prize pool again features a huge cash Grand Prize and this year all 10 prizes are cash prizes! The contest is free to enter and takes just minutes to complete.

The time to put your Bracketology to work is now! Players will be competing against professional handicappers, sportsbook operators, OSGA members and wiseguys ready to make their bracket selections.

What are you waiting for?

Check out the entire Prize pool here and Enter for Free Today!

Grand Prize: Registered OSGA Members – $500 Cash / Non-Members $250. Prizes are being awarded to places 1-10 and OSGA members are eligible for extra Cash prizes throughout the contest

Get in on the action and fill out your bracket today at

Get your OSGA VIP Membership now to qualify for the BIG cash! Click here to max out your prizes!


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  • Howard Groopman
    March 16, 2017, 3:24 am

    I just entered the NCAA bracket contest. I looked to see how many had entered so far, and found only one. Then I looked at the rules and saw that you are allowing entrants to wait until after the first 16 games are played on Thursday to enter. I can’t understand why the contest was set up that way, to take the guesswork completely out of the first day of competition.

    I guess I’m stuck with my picks, so I’ll live with that. Unless you want to deem all contestants’ first-day entries automatically 100% correct, I’ll have little or no chance of winning a prize now that everyone who enters Thurs night will have a big advantage.

    I wish I’d seen that deadline on the entry page instead of after the fact on the rules page, then I’d have waited till tomorrow night.

  • Howard Groopman
    March 16, 2017, 11:27 am

    I apologize for the msg I sent late Weds night. I saw the deadline as 1230 PM Eastern and mistook it for 930 PM on the west coast of the US, where I live. Obviously the deadline is 930 AM today, Thursday, which makes more sense.

    I don’t see the bracket I submitted posted yet under Reports, but I did get an online msg that my picks had been submitted after I finished my bracket.

    Sorry for any confusion caused.

    Howard Groopman
    Portland, OR

  • OSGA
    March 16, 2017, 11:28 am

    Hello Howard.

    The NCAA decided a couple of years back to add the ‘play-in’ games on Tue and Wed before the field of 64 is set. Those games are now referred to as the ‘first round’. So the games for the contest count starting at 12:15 today!

    Good Luck to you and everyone who entered!



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