Brackets Busted in OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge

Brackets Busted in OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge

With huge upsets, March Madness 2021 has been the hardest year to win a bracket contest.

It’s been documented that already, by now, heading into the Sweet 16, there are no perfect brackets left anywhere on the planet. It is our first year of offering the 10K prize for the OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge and it is the toughest year ever to predict March Madness. Well, outside of Gonzaga.

But, the contest rolls on!

Using typical bracket scoring, the first two rounds of the NCAA Tournament are worth a combined 64 points, 32 points in each round. The most points any player mustered so far in the OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge was 47 by IrbyJenn. She picked 25 first round games right, picking all of the 5-12 matchups correctly and sending 11 of her selections to the Sweet 16! However, she is riding longshot Arkansas to the NCAA Championship. If they even get to the final game, IrbyJenn will run away with the contest.

Jimm83 currently sits in 2nd place, four points behind at 43. Unfortunately, he and several other players atop the leaderboard have Illinois, which became a victim of Sister Jean and Loyola-Chicago, seriously limiting their chances at a prize. The top player to have tournament favorite Gonzaga winning it all is ozzman, currently tied for 5th.

Also tied for 5th with 40 points is the top OSGA VIP Member, Paul Kersey. He’s got Baylor facing off against Gonzaga in the final and that is the holy grail of a bracket-style contest – having both of the teams in the final. If he wins the overall tournament and is the Top OSGA Member, he’ll cash for $750!

Still, anyway you slice it, there are still huge possibilities for anyone with at least a few teams going in the Sweet 16. The games are worth 4 points each and more upsets (we’re looking at you Creighton) can kill even the best looking brackets.

Best of luck to everyone in the OSGA NCAA Bracket Challenge. Remember, the top four places get cash prizes and OSGA Members get an extra prize.


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