OSGA Contests Roll Through the Second Month of the Season

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Happy Halloween to all OSGA fans, friends and members!

All contests are rolling along and today will mark the end of the second month of the Members-only BEAT THE BOOK Contest. Last night two members cashed in on the NFL Thursday Night Squares contest, based on the halftime and final score for the Saints-Panthers game. ‘Terrence’ cashed the first half with Saints 4 (14) and Panthers 0 (0). ‘BobbyD’ got lucky for the second week in a row as he again cashed the final game score with Saints 8 (28) and Panthers 0 (10). This is great news for members who have not cashed previously in the Members contests. ‘BobbyD’ has played them all for over two years without winning a dime. But, his luck changed and he has now cashed for $200 in the last two weeks on the squares alone.

‘Dawk20′ has amassed a huge bankroll in the Members-only BEAT THE BOOK Contest. However, once the first month ended, the remaining month’s prize winners are based in the increase of the bankroll percentage from one month to the next. Contestants must play each week to qualify for the monthly prize. Right now on the last day of the month, ‘Dawk20′ has increased his bankroll an impressive 29.64%. However, this is not tops for the month as ‘BobbyD’ increased his over 40%, but unfortunately he did not make any picks in the last two weeks and thus is not eligible for the prize. It looks like the only player who can take down ‘Dawk20′ is ‘JROYJR’, who can win the month of October if he can cash $1000 in bets tonight and grab the giant $250 free bet from Elite-rated GTBets!

Free football contests from OSGA

Halfway through the season and the two free Pick ‘em contests are in full swing. The 2014 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em has not yet been hit and this week the progressive prize for picking all games correctly jumps to $900 cash! Last week ‘mrfootball’ (great name for a contest player) had just one loss. After going 13-0 on Sunday, he had the wrong side on Monday Night taking the Cowboys, who cost him $800. ‘Mrfootball’ is still eligible for the $100 Free Play from Industry-giant BetOnline.

Finally, the 2014 OSGA College Football Pick ‘Em has expanded to include more game for players to choose from. This is a favorite amongst players as this is more of a gamblers contest, where games are picked against the spread and given confidence points. After 8 weeks, the leaderboard is still up in the air with 8 different winners so far and less than 40 points separating places 1 from 13 for the season cash prize. After 80 picks just one point separates ‘phil’ and ‘tigersfan’, yet neither player has cashed in on the weekly prize of a $250 free play from SportsBettingOnline.

Good Luck this weekend to everyone with your contest picks, wagers and Halloween treats.

Week 7 Roundup & Week 8 Contest Preview

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This year’s two Free Football Contests are rolling along and finally after two weeks we get to hand out some prizes to Members for winning Squares picks.

The 2014 OSGA College Football Pick ‘Em has been really interesting as each week has had a different winner and the overall season-long points winner so far, Phil, has not yet cashed a single week. All of these players have been collecting big-time too, as the weekly prize is a huge $250 Free Play form Elite-rated SportsbettingOnline. Last week saw rickstew claim first prize with 8 wins and 50 points, beating out three other players with the same win total. We’ve expanded the contest to include more game and this weekend’s NCAA football action starts tonight.

After a problem with the Progressive Pick ‘Em, all has been corrected and for the second week this year we have a tie for first place. “ddsmj” and “Hitmen44” both had 11 wins, the Steelers on Monday night and both were exactly 10 points off of the final total score!! They tied for every facet of the weekly contest and thus will each get a shot at collecting the winning $100 Free Play from industry giant BetOnline. The 2014 OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em is ready to go for selections now, right up until game time on Sunday.

Two weeks ago, no Member picked any of the correct squares in the Thursday night NFL game between the Colts and Texans. In Week 7 there were a few empty squares at kickoff and again the scores for the Jets-Patriots game fell on unfilled squares. We want to ensure that every member gets all they can from OSGA Membership so we rolled over the prize money from these two weeks. This week’s matchup between the Chargers and the Broncos finally saw winners for both the half and full game. Due to the triple prize value, “ZubZub” again cashed, but this time with the halftime score for $75. First-time-ever winner “BobbyD” grabbed the full game score with Denver 5 (35) and San Diego 1 (21). Because of the prize money rollover, “BobbyD” is entitled to a whopping $150 VISA gift card courtesy of OSGA!

Become a Member today to get in on extra great free Member contests and all that OSGA Membership has to offer! This week’s contests are ALL up and ready for picks! Good Luck this weekend!!

Week 6 Preview of OSGA Contests

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This year we are again featuring two Free Contests and now two exclusively for OSGA Members and the action starts for Members tonight!

The OSGA Thursday Night Football Squares is up and there are still a few squares left. Members can cash in on tonight’s AFC South showdown with zero risk and just the click of a mouse. We saw two new members winning last week’s squares with hoopster57 taking the halftime prize of a $25 VISA Gift card and zubzub taking the full game prize of a $50 gift card. Members can get acccess to the weekly password in the Members Forum. To become a member, click here.

Free football contests from OSGA

The annual OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em is in full gear with over 100 players and with just five weeks in the books, it is still anybody’s game. gseibel had an impressive 13 wins last week to claim the free bet at BetOnline. But with one more win he would have claimed the Progressive Prize! The cash is still on the table and this week the Progressive Prize runs up to $600 for anyone who can sweep the board.

The 2014 OSGA College Football Pick ‘Em again saw a tie. elle belly had 43 points and tied for the best last week with ddsmj, but elle belly had one pick push, yielding a better win percentage, which is the second tie-breaker for the weekly contest. elle belly is eligible for $250 in betting money from Elite-rated SportsBettingOnline.

And last week we saw Dawk20 pick up his massive $250 free bet from GTBets for crushing the BEAT THE BOOK Contest in September. He ran 100 in virtual betting money up to over 20K!! The contest standings are monthly so it is once again anybody’s game. Members can pick games throughout the week in all sports!! Become a member to BEAT THE BOOK today, click here.

Week 5 Preview of OSGA Contests

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The OSGA contests have completed their first month and the BEAT the BOOK Contest announces its first winner! This year we are again featuring two Free Contests and now two exclusively for OSGA Members.

The OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em saw 3 players tie in the NFL. The three players ended up with 10 wins in this Free football contest but only anjac had the the tie-breaker on Monday night and came closest with the total score of the MNF game. He is eligible for a $100 Free Play at Elite-rated BetOnline

Free football contests from OSGA

The College Football Pick ‘Em was had two players last week with 47 total points. gpatek managed to go 9-1 to get his 47 points and funky monkey went 8-2. The first tie breaker is the number of wins so gpatek wins and is eligible for $250 in betting money from Elite-rated SportsBettingOnline.

Last night the OSGA Thursday Night Football Squares was available on gameday. Members filled out squares and sat down to watch an NFC Central showdown. We saw two new members winning this week’s squares with hoopster57 taking the halftime prize of a $25 VISA Gift card and zubzub taking the full game prize of a $50 gift card.

Finally, the BEAT THE BOOK contest has it’s first winner. This great new offering just for OSGA Members is actually a virtual sportsbook. The contest pays out monthly with a huge free play at Elite-rated GTBets and handicapping picks from Tony George. Players started the season with $2000 “virtual dollars”. Longtime OSGA member and contest player, Dawk20, pounded the book winning nearly 20K in the first month!! Dawk20 is picking up the BIG Free Play from GTBets after last month’s action. The dollar figures will reset for the month of October so everyone has a chance to cash in. In addition, players who are at or near zero are now eligible to re-up for $500 virtual dollars.

Become a Member today to get in on these great free Members contests and all that OSGA Membership has to offer! This week’s contest are ALL up and ready for picks! Good Luck this weekend!!

Western Union Crackdown is Affecting Online Gambling Payments

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We have heard from several players during the first few weeks of football season regarding problems with sending money to online sportsbooks using Western Union. The problems mainly revolve around money being sent to a correct name and location with the correct MCTN but the funds are blocked and in some cases have been held by Western Union.

One member who is a long time player online called in frantically with a problem that had never happened to him in 10+ years of playing offshore. His Western Union deposit had been blocked and the name he was given was being investigated for fraud. This player was able to have his funds immediately returned. However, another long time player had the same issue and his funds were held ‘pending Western Union’ investigation. One player was even being told that he had to fill out three different forms to even apply to get his money refunded after Western Union deemed the name he was sending to had been “involved with fraudulent transactions”, which I am pretty sure is the standard code words that the home office has instructed field reps to use when a name is identified as receiving money for an offshore gambling house. In addition, it feels like Western Union is going a bit above and beyond what they are required to do while erring on the side of caution, thus pretty much blocking anything that has a hint of gambling and blacklisting the corresponding parties.

We are not a lawyers and there is no specific reference to confiscated funds on the Western Union website, but from what we have been able to find out, Western Union cannot legally keep players’ money. From what we understand they certainly don’t work too hard to refund it, but at some point they have to. In searching the OSGA database, every person who has had funds held by Western Union has eventually been paid back by the company.

As the industry’s leading online gambling watchdog group, we occasionally get these types of issues here and do our best to offer advice. But the fact that we had the exact same complaint from nearly a dozen players prompted us to dig a little deeper with the sources that we have offshore.

We found that Western Union is eyeing transactions to ‘developing nations’ in excess of a couple of hundred dollars. Our sources confirmed that Western Union has been the focus of a crack down this year, apparently due to a directive from the head office. It seems that Costa Rica and Nicaragua are two countries that are especially affected. One operator told us that the local Western Union offices have had auditors suddenly stop in and check transactions and associated names that have multiple transactions. Another operator told us that local Western Union outlets are “under constant WU Corp oversight audit” right now.

This is not too shocking, as part of the terms and condition on the Western Union website include ” . . . your use of Services does not violate any law, including, without limit, laws relating to money laundering, illegal gambling activities, support for terrorist activities or fraud”. And of course, in the U.S. the sending of money by a financial institution, such as Western Union, is in violation of the 2006 UIGEA law.

The bad news is that in the first few weeks of football is when the processors and the systems that are in place get especially stressed. We have heard that some of the sportsbooks that rely heavily on Western Union have lost up from 50 to 60% of their capacity and their processors are under constant audits. But as the season winds along, it should get easier for players to send money and harder for auditors identify receivers simply due to volume.

So what does this mean for the consumer that chooses to play and send money offshore?

It does not mean that players need to abandon Western Union. But it does mean that players should only send money in their name, should send the money as quickly as possible once the recipient name is received and should keep transactions in lower dollar amounts (less than $700). If players still choose to send money person-to-person, as an alternative, they can use MoneyGram. Several of the outlets that have run into multiple problems with Western Union are urging players to do just that. Again the problem here is unfortunately the options to US customers “aren’t very broad”, as we were told.

If more information becomes available, we will update this story. Anyone who has been affected by this Western Union crackdown is urged to comment on this story below.

Internet Maintenance in Costa Rica may Affect Online Sportsbooks

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Internet services could experience some interruptions throughout the country of Costa Rica beginning today at 9PM PST and lasting until 5AM PST on Sunday. There is going to be some scheduled maintenance on one of the main submarine cables (Maya 1) that provide Internet access to the country as well as Mexico, Honduras, Cayman Islands, Costa Rica, Panama, and Colombia.

Due to this scheduled maintenance players may experience a brief interruption in service this weekend. The problems may arise on both Internet and phone lines, as many offshore sportsbooks located in Costa Rica use voice-over-IP (VOIP) which uses the Internet to connect calls.

We have had reports from several sportsbooks and many of the operations located in Costa Rica have notices on their websites of the potential outage.

We urge players to place wagers as early as possible to avoid any issues.

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