Free Football Contests Return

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This year the Off Shore Gaming Association is proud to again offer TWO huge football contests that players can enter for FREE!! The two contests are distinct, but share in common over $10,000 worth of prizes with absolutely NO ENTRY FEE.

After 7 years of offering season-long NFL football contests, we have again introduced the hugely popular OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em. This contest is actually two contests in one - a weekly prize of a $300 betting account at Elite-rated BetOnline plus a progressive contest that builds throughout the season. Each week players vie for a free betting account by picking every NFL game straight up with no point spreads involved. Players can get involved at any time during the season for the weekly BetOnline betting account. The progressive part of the contest is for the player who plays every week and looks to find a contestant who gets every game on the board correct. The prize is $100 cash weekly, but grows every week if no one selects all of the games correctly. Though a perfect week seems likely throughout an entire season, last year was the first season that we had someone pick every game correctly. Still, at the end of the season players with the top win-loss records split a rollover pot of $600.

This is our first year for introducing a College Football contest. Each week players will pick 10 out of 15 hand-picked games in the first ever College Football Pick ‘Em! Players will have to choose their ten games Against the Spread and assign ‘confidence points’ to their selections. This contest will challenge players to not just pick winners, but to grab the most points possible by assigning the highest point values to their favorite games. A weekly $250 betting account is up for grabs from Elite-rated SportsBettingOnline, plus cash prizes and more betting accounts for the season-long point leaders. Register today for the College Football Pick ‘Em, where you choose the games and you identify your best picks for the biggest prizes.

Sign up today and get started with both the 2013 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em AND the ALL NEW OSGA College Football Pick ‘Em. We’re happy to bring these annual FREE football contests to every fan of OSGA and wish everyone who enters, the best of luck!

College Football Betting: NCAA Top 10 Team’s Odds To Win the BCS Title

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College Football Betting marks its return this week with a SEC driven Top 10 ranked teams. While winning teams are always fun to back, they don’t always put money in your pocket and it is important to distinguish the difference between a 7 and 7 ATS Alabama Crimson Tide versus an 11 and 1 ATS Northwestern Wildcats. Your number 1 team can still cost you dollars where a not so glamorous team or conference can make you some coin if bet correctly. While the SEC teams look to dominate the win column, bettors are looking to dominate the “I won money” column. Look for the Pac 12 to compete in the title run, but be on the lookout for some upsets out West where the pigskins fly a bit more than they should. The Big 10 has always focused on steady and sure football, but the 12 and O high flying Urban Meyer lead Ohio State Buck Eyes and the Northwestern Wildcats “need we say more” will most likely force the conference to open its wings a bit to keep pace. The Big 12 is on the outside looking in with zero top 10 recognition.

Now let’s turn the show over to barstool magician and sports betting’s Rodney Dangerfield Randy Mann as he takes a video hot lap around the AP top 10 teams and their odds to win the BCS title. For the true college football betting enthusiasts out there Randy gives us the goods with SU, ATS, and other inside dealings and happenings with each team to help you make your next wager a more informed bet.

The Barstool Prophet guides you through the AP Top 10.

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California Senator May be prepared to accept a Watered-Down Poker Bill

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Currently there are 3 online gambling bills on the table in the California General Assembly. These include Lou Correa’s bill SB 678, “Authorization and Regulation of Internet Poker and Consumer Protection Act of 2013”; Roderick Wright’s SB 51 ”Internet Gambling Consumer Protection and Public-Private Partnership Act of 2013″; and the draft bill from the California Tribes which OSGA highlighted in a previous article.  All 3 bills looked to have promise at some point during the year but each lost momentum and got bogged down in committee due to the usual infighting between the tribes, poker rooms and horse tracks. With the Assembly scheduled to shut down for the year on September 6th everyone in the industry just accepted that the bills were all but dead until next year when the Assembly reconvened.

That belief may have been somewhat thwarted if reported rumors are true and Lou Correa has reclassified SB 678 as an “urgency” bill. While it may sound somewhat bizarre, what the reclassification does is effectively give leeway to the committee and all interested parties to strike down any part of the bill they don’t like and votes will be done on the remnants. Ironically that is somewhat similar to what happened with the UIGEA.  As many will recall when John Kyl introduced his first online gambling bill in 1997 the aim was to effectively make internet gambling a federal crime punishable with jail time for both bettors and operators. Changes kept being made to the bill by other politicians for several reasons and eventually it passed in 2006 as a watered down version of the original bill. It became even less meaningful when the regulations were written for it and the banks were let off the hook if they allowed illegal transactions to go through.

So under the new “urgency” classification the tribes can cross out what they don’t like from SB 678, the horse racing industry can strike out what they don’t like and the legislators can strike out what they find unfavorable. As long as something meaningful is left that would allow for the introduction of online poker in California that bill would be voted on. But the “urgency” classification also gives the bill more strength than it would have had previously because under that provision it must be passed by 2/3 of the House and Senate and if it does so then it cannot be vetoed by the Governor. Hence if it passes with a 2/3 vote in both houses it immediately becomes a law which apparently is legal per California’s constitution.

If it proves true, then Correa would clearly be making this move because he and other legislators in the state are feeling pressure from the fact that Nevada already has an online poker site running and Delaware, New Jersey and numerous other states aren’t far behind. Thus they can only conclude that a watered-down bill is better than none.

I spoke to one of my contacts – a gambling law expert in California – to ask if he believed there was any way this bill could actually get the passed in the short time left before the Assembly is dismissed and whether he had ever witnessed anything like this before.  He responded that he hadn’t heard about Correa’s motion but was happy to respond to my question if indeed the rumors are true and Correa has changed the bill to an urgency classification.

“It’s unique and has never been tried before (using the urgency provision) as far as I know but it’s clever. What Correa will have done is thrown the ball in the courts of all interested parties and told them to take out what they don’t like so we can get this bill off the ground. There’s really no reason for the tribes and racing people not to take that initiative and if they refuse the Assembly can quickly ascertain who the trouble makers are and address them separately. Can it pass by early September? I don’t know but with all the strike-outs the bill would be pretty concise so there really wouldn’t be a whole lot to hold it up.”

If Correa has made this initiative and if indeed it works, then all parties in California should be commended for not allowing another year to pass without a resolution once and for all.

Contact Hartley via email at Hartley[at]osga[dot]com.

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Is Bet Revolution Going Under?

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When sportsbooks, casinos and poker rooms start having troubles paying players, the red flags start flying. Many times payout delays are just a bump-in-the-road for online sportsbooks who have the wherewithal to withstand the constant fluctuations in today’s Internet gambling climate. However, there are places whose red flags start to fly higher and brighter once problems arise, until they eventually just flame out. Then the sportsbook or poker room runs, with players funds, shuts down and stiffs players – ending up as just another sportsbook scam.

The red flags for Bet Revolution are starting to flap in the breeze quite a bit and are on the verge of catching fire. Over two weeks ago we posted an update as a slow payout complaint became two, then three and now number a dozen. Bet Revolution answered our initial inquiries and got back to us quickly with candid responses as to the alleged problems they were experiencing. They claimed that two processors in Costa Rica stole their deposit funds and disappeared . Bet Revolution insisted that they would do the right thing and get back up and running and eventually pay their players.

Instead what has transpired is more of the same from Bet Revolution. In an about face, they have not responded to our last batch of emails, they do not answer us on their chat and as most players know, their phone lines, at this point, should just be turned off, as no one answers them. In addition, the website has not been updated since Monday and their betting lines, when posted, are late. All futures have been taken down and current players get no response or updates from the company. We asked a number of sources in Costa Rica if they had heard of not one, but two money processors who had gone out-of-business and stole sportsbook or casino funds. We did not get confirmation of rouge processors stealing from Bet Revolution, or any other books, from any of our sources.

Finally, we can’t figure out how Bet Revolution can recover if they do not accept new players while working to pay old ones. Right now, it is possible to sign-up with Bet Revolution, but they do not respond to inquiries for deposit requests. On one hand, this is good news if they are planning to run, at least they are not going after new players in a ‘deposit only’ fashion.  But, if they do have legitimate intentions to stay afloat, new money does need to come in.

We removed their rating at the outset of this mess and with these recent developments, we urge players not to deposit at Bet Revolution. If they do plan on continuing to operate, an updated website, current live odds, the ability for players to deposit and get paid along with the basic functions of answering emails, chats AND phone calls, would indicate they are making an effort to return. Right now, all this feels like is a stall tactic, perhaps until everything can be packed up as they fade to black. We hope not.

OSGA has made some initial inquiries around the industry to see if any other sportsbooks would be interested in a ‘bailout‘ of Bet Revolution should the worst occur here. But without an accurate accounting of how many players are affected and their corresponding balances, conversations have not gotten very far. In fact, as we have seen recently, many of the larger houses are just not interested in ‘bailing out’ small operations that get into trouble. Still, we remain optimistic that either Bet Revolution will recover or a larger, more established sportsbook will come to the aid of the players.

World Sports Exchange is on its Final Legs

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It’s been known for some time that World Sports Exchange was having payment issues but they always seemed to find a way to get financing to keep the company in business. Since its inception, the website was always stock full of betting options, particular in game markets for major games and tournaments but lately that changed. Starting about 2010, long term markets were discontinued for many sports and in game markets were becoming less available. Still major events always had markets open. It thus seemed quite odd when there was no Masters market last week. Looking into it I also determined that there were other issues as well. The live support is no longer functional and upon calling the company on the 1-888 numbers I received a message “your call is now first in line and will be answered by the next available representative.” After 20 minutes it became quite clear that no one was going to pick up the phone. Emails also went unanswered. I spoke to numerous other WSEX customers who have had the same experience lately and by all accounts no payouts are being sent. As a result the only logical conclusion is that the company is probably in the process of closing shop.

WSEX began operation in 1997 when three members of the Pacific Stock Exchange joined forces and decided that a sports betting website could offer the same type of day trading and long term markets that a traditional stock market could. Setting up shop on the island of Antigua, World Sports Exchange became an immediate favorite for remote bettors who loved to bet on long term markets for events like the NFL and NCAA championship or live betting on events like football games and golf tournaments. Traditional betting options were also available with competitive lines. Moreover, the company offered betting on the next at bat for select baseball games. I recall one of the owners telling me that someone had bet $100 on Brett Boone to hit a triple at 100/1 odds for a Sunday night game and they probably soiled themselves when Boone hit the ball to the wall in his first at bat and despite considering going for 3rd decided to hold up at second base. WSEX advertised at all the big U.S. based posting forums and in newspapers and was a favorite of almost all bettors who had an account with them. Their customer service was among the best and payouts were immediate. The company made headlines in the late 1990s when the company’s CEO, Jay Cohen, returned to the U.S. to face charges that he was violating the Wire Act. Cohen hired the best attorneys and made the case that as a company licensed in Antigua, WSEX was not violating the law since bets were received and processed on the small island so the laws of Antigua should apply. By all accounts the jury was prepared to side with Cohen but instead found him guilty after the judge told the jury that the evidence he presented was without foundation. Cohen spent 3 years in prison and returned to Antigua after his release.

WSEX continued to operate successfully but was under the watchful eye of the DoJ as a result of Cohen’s decision to challenge them as well as the company’s involvement in the WTO case where Antigua took the USTR to the WTO courts and won. It was a major victory for the country but it also clearly upset the U.S. government who put the country’s banking system on its rogue list.

WSEX first found itself in financial trouble after the passing of the UIGEA. It’s not quite certain what precipitated the cash flow issues although there is no question that the shutting down of NETeller to American customers was a major reason. After NETeller cut off American and Canadians, customers found it difficult to get payments to the company and more importantly found it very difficult to get payments from the company. Almost all of WSEX’s clients were located in North America so NETeller was the preferred method for payments in and out. But after NETeller no longer became an option, U.S. customers were essentially left with checks as the only option for withdrawals. WSEX’s real financial woes started in 2009 when Antiguan banks were targeted by many U.S. institutions for various reasons (the Stanford Bank scandal and the UIGEA implementation being the main ones). So U.S. banks started to refuse checks and bank wires from Antiguan banks leaving WSEX to rely on 3rd party processors to process the payments. And many in the industry told me that some of those processors were less than reputable likely stealing money from the company before they disappeared. As well, WSEX’s ventures into a fantasy sports exchange, their no commission poker room, and their partnership in a P2P betting exchange all cost the company dearly. As a result the company ended up with cash flow issues and a backlog of payment requests since processors couldn’t keep up with the payment requests. WSEX was quickly downgraded by sports betting rating companies precipitating more clients to request payouts and the cycle continued. By many accounts WSEX still owes somewhere north of $250,000 to clients.

At some point WSEX was saved from bankruptcy by investors who changed the structure of the company somewhat but it never fully got WSEX out of debt. The company gave up its Antiguan betting license (likely due to the $100,000 annual licensing fee) and got a license in Cyprus instead although their physical location is still in Antigua. According to the website the company is incorporated in Nicosia, Cyprus and is owned and operated by Euro Sports Exchange Limited in London England.

OSGA continues to contact owners of WSEX and we hope that this once proud and reputable sportsbook can still provide proof that the company is a going concern. But for us to believe that we need some proof, like actually picking up the phone and offering markets on major events . . . and paying customers.

—- UPDATE —-

About four hours after this was posted, WSEX updated their website. It now has a statement where their home page had been for over 15 years.

Dear WSEX customer,
We have been forced to halt business activities at this time due to inadequate capitol resources.   The financial position of the company is currently under review and we will keep you informed as to the future plans for WSEX and the repayment or transfer of your balances.

We sincerly apologize for this unfortunate situation and will be doing everything we can to rectify it as soon as possible.

-WSEX Management

Contact Hartley via email at Hartley[at]osga[dot]com.

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2013 OSGA NCAA Tournament Contest Winners

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The 12th Annual OSGA NCAA Tourney Bracket Challenge came down a handful of players vying for up to $500 bucks. Only three contestants picked Michigan to be crowned Champion and two of those were so far off the point total they would still not have hit the board with a Wolverine win. Ultimately, Louisville prevailed, giving hope to the 33 players who took them to win it all. However, ‘Donny’ edged out eight others who were separated by just 10 points and picked the Louisville Cardinals to win it all claiming the Grand Prize in the 2013 OSGA NCAA Tournament Contest.

Unfortunately for ‘Donny’, he was not an OSGA member prior to the start of the contest and thus only qualifies for a grand prize of $250.’jjlbtnj will receive the 2nd place prize of a $200 Free Play at Elite-rate Ucabet and ‘dallas12′ will also grab Free Play from Ucabet.

“We only had one player who picked Michigan for the National Championship and had a chance to win it all. It would have been cool to see him beat out ALL of those players that had the tourney favorite“, said Jim Quinn, OSGA president. “As it was ‘Bayonne’ still came in 7th, without having the tourney winner. Prettty Impressive.”

Contestants were awarded points in the bracket style contest and many were still alive going into the last weekend of the tourney, as the Final Four winners yielded 16 points and the tourney champion 24. The most points that could be accumulated were 184. ‘Donny’ finished with 118. Last year’s winner had a whopping 138 points while previous winners had over 150 total points. The contest was a wild ride for many players who saw crazy swings in the standings each week due to the stunning upsets of Gonzaga, Georgetown and Kansas State in the early rounds. In fact, heading into the Final Four, this was the first year ever that the National Champion might not have been picked, as no player had Witchita State beyond the 2nd round.

Here is the prize breakdown. All winners will be contacted via email.

Donny – $250 Cash Grand Prize
jjlbtnj - a $200 Free Play at Ucabet
dallas12 – a $100 Free Play at Ucabet
KimN – $75 Cash
tommyb – $50 Cash
Places 6-10 – a $25 Free Play at JustBet

Congratulations to all who participated in the contest.

Look for great contests throughout the year and become a member today at, where ‘Members Get More’.

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