U.S. Full Tilt Players Recieve Funds

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After 2 years, 10 months, and 13 days many former Full Tilt players have finally been paid back. Former U.S. players of Full Tilt awoke today to see a deposit in their bank account labeled “DOJ Poker Stars”. The Garden City Group has kept former players in the loop regarding their funds and stated that payments would be made today to many players. They make good on their promise, but the best news is that players are being paid back in full!

However, the entire Full Tilt remission process is not over yet. As we reported earlier this week, this is just the first round of reimbursement payments going out to about 30,000 players at a total of about $82 million.  Still waiting on their funds are players whose account balances are in dispute with the figures on record with the DoJ and Garden City Group and those who have been labeled as affiliates and pros. Affiliates have a deadline of March 2 to submit their Petitions for Remission. Players whose bank accounts could not be verified in a testing process conducted by the GCG in recent weeks have until March 13 to supply their correct or updated bank account information. Players who fail to meet these deadlines will receive a check to be sent to the home address listed on their claims.

When Poker Stars stepped in to bailout Full Tilt all parties involved breathed a collective sigh of relief. We are glad to see that this did not turn out to be another partial payment situation or liquidation fire sale that left players with pennies on the dollar. Instead, the DoJ, using the enormous sum of money the took from Poker Stars, and the Garden City Group came through. We would expect that players who have not yet received funds will get them in a timely manner, as the GCG so far, has done what they said – paid back the players bilked in the Full Tilt ponzi-scheme who have been waiting since Black Friday in 2011.

OSGA Announces Winners of Super Bowl Contests

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The end of the Super Bowl marks not just the end of the football season, but the end of contest season at OSGA. We had two Super Bowl Contests that were finalized after the Big Game and the NFL playoff contest that was running exclusively for OSGA members. We are happy to announce a bunch of winners!

The Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest featured 7 prop bets as well as the game’s final score. Suprisingly, out of 212 contestants, 9 players got 6 of the seven prop bets correct! So we used the next available selection, the scores for both the Seahawks and the Broncos. This enabled us to find a winner. David P got 6 props correct and was off by a total of 27 points in the game score, making him the winner of the 2014 OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest. James T was only 1 point away from claiming the top prize, instead he is our runner-up.

The winner of the OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest is entitled to a $300 Free Play (with no deposit required) at Elite-rated WagerWeb.ag. James T will get a no-deposit $150 Free Play. Players should stay tuned and check their email boxes as WagerWeb is putting out an exclusive consolation offer to the other 210 players! As an added benefit to OSGA Members who support the efforts of the company, a $50 VISA gift card was being awarded to any OSGA Member who got 6 prop correct.  We are happy to see that one of our members was able to collect on this offer, as BobbyH, missed only the final prop.

OSGA Members get so much more, especially during Contest Season. This year saw our first ever Pro Football Playoff Pick ‘Em and our 2nd annual Super Bowl Squares Pool, both setup exclusively for members. The Squares contest filled up and with the strange scores of 8-0, 22-0 and 43-8, this was really anybody’s contest. JoryJR had an 8 and a zero to grab the first quarter prize of $50. Bill grabbed the halftime score and is awarded $100. Lakewood Nights grabbed the 3rd quarter for $50 and the final score of the game went to rudydog, who cashed for $100, all courtesy of OSGA.

The Pro Football Playoff Pick ‘Em was added this year, as OSGA strives to give its members MORE! Members had to pick every side and total for each of the games every day during the ENTIRE NFL Playoffs. The contest was an extension of our popular season long Progressive Pick ‘Em with a bit of a twist, each player had to pick a ‘Key Game’ each weekend. This ‘Key Pick’ really made thing interesting and kept the contest alive for many members right up until Super Bowl.

Hoopster57 took home the grand prize of $200 cash with 23 points, but in the spirit of the ‘Key Pick’ he won with less wins than several other players. In fact he ended up with more losses than wins, but had the most key wins and thus the most overall points. the runner-up, Dawk20, actually picked games at nearly a 57% winning percentage but had just 2 key wins. Still, Dawk20 gets $100 for his troubles. the last cash prize went to Wilson who had 21 points. 4th and 5th places belong to Bill and tombrady and they will be awarded a three month extension to the OSGA Memberships.

What a great season of contests! What a football season! What a terrible Super Bowl!

Please check back in March for our 12th annual March Madness contest. After giving away all of these prizes, we need a month off!

Free Super Bowl Contests

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The annual OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest is up and ready for your selections! Enter here before 6PM on Super Bowl Sunday.

Now in it’s 8th year, the Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest is a bit more challenging for SB XLVIII and thus the prizes are bigger and better than ever. In previous years contestants picked 4 prop bets and the final score of the Big Game. This year there are seven hand-picked proposition bets in addition to the final score and tie breaker, and it all starts with the coin toss!

The winner of the Super Bowl Contest will receive the top prize of $300 Free Play from Elite-Rated WagerWeb. The runner-up also gets a prize – a Free $150 Bet at WagerWeb.ag. Though this contest is for both OSGA members and non-members, members will also be eligible for a consolation prize. Any OSGA member who gets 6 of the 7 prop bets right, will be eligible for a Free $50 Visa Gift Card!! To be eligible for this added prize become a member today! Members also get a shot at winning in an exclusive Members-Only Squares contest with $300 in cash prizes available.

The Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest is just that. Click here to get in on the action. It is Free to Enter and there is no catch, no deposit and no money out of your pocket . . . just winnings!

GOOD LUCK in the OSGA Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest and with all of you wagers and pools on the Big Game.

Alliance Sportsbook Closure Update

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UPDATE 2.11:We have been in contact with Alliance Sportsbook on a weekly basis. They are in the process of working on deals for all players and are currently trying to find the best resolution possible for players, whether it be waiting for a payout or being placed at another sportsbook. So far we have heard of several players who have been moved to other shops, balances in tact, but with a minimal rollover. As Alliance is working on a play-by-player basis, we urge players who are still waiting for a solution to be patient.

UPDATE 1.24: We finally have been in contact with Alliance Sportsbook. They are in the process of still working on a deal for all players.  They are currently looking for a bailout and may even go player-by-player with offers. We expect to hear some positive news soon.


On Monday players at Alliance Sportsbook were greeted with a message on their website stating that the ownership had problems and the sportsbook was closed. We were optimistic at the beginning of the week that players would be paid as there was an email address posted on the website and a time frame for payouts of 45 to 60 days. However, our emails and the emails of players have gone without any response and all of the phone numbers to the book have been disconnected. Today players found that the site is gone, simply a placeholder page where Alliance used to be.

There has been wide speculation regarding Alliance, its owners and an offer to some players to move their accounts to the price-per-head shop called BetGoldstar. One thing is for sure, now that the website has been taken down, our earlier optimism has dwindled and we are left to wonder if players will get paid at all or if any bailout is even being pursued.

We have been in contact with a source in Costa Rica that helped setup Alliance and gave the fledgling book owners some guidance in their first year of operation. He indicated that Alliance had changed hands since his initial involvement. He was able to give us some insight as to the rumor that losers were being targeted to join BetGoldstar, while winners were being stiffed.

One of the ways that online businesses get customers is through partners or affiliates – people who get paid to send traffic to a particular website. Apparently one or two well connected affiliates who were sending traffic and players to Alliance was so concerned that their players were not going to get paid, they made the offer to their affected players to make them whole again at BetGoldstar. This is not a conspiracy to stiff players who were winners, simply a few good people who are being proactive towards players they actually know or referred to Alliance. From reports we have heard this is less than 20 players. We understand that BetGoldstar is a well backed price-per-head shop and players who take this offer will be taken care of. We are hearing this second hand, but at this point in the situation, BetGoldstar looks like a viable option for the handful of players that were offered this solution.

As for the rest of the players, our source indicated that he was told everyone would be paid. However, he wasn’t about to say with 100% certainty that payouts will happen. As there has been no contact from the sportsbook with any players or us, we are skeptical that players will ever get their money from Alliance Sportsbook. There are no ‘bailout’ discussions occurring with any of the larger books that we contacted and Alliance. Instead we have been getting responses to our inquiries about a bailout regarding the amount of players affect, total balances and the like. Unfortunately, with no contact from Alliance, no one can confirm any figures regarding players, putting a full bailout in serious jeopardy.

OSGA still urges players to get on the payout list via email at service@alliancewagering.net. In addition, players should fill out the OSGA Sportsbook Complaint Form to get on our list, just in case this does turn into a stiff situation in the coming weeks. Players should keep an eye on this space for updates as this continues to evolve.

OSGA Announces Winner of College Bowl Bonanza

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After last nights’ terrific College Football National Championship game OSGA is pleased to announce the winner of their 11th Annual College Bowl Bonzanza! Danishwop finished atop the standings with 31 total points and 25 wins beating the runner-up by just 1 point.

OSGA has run some form of free College Bowl contest for over a decade and this year the contest had new software and a new sponsor. The software made it very interesting as players had to pick 5 ‘key picks’ wroth extra points – key wins was also the first tie-breaker. The new sponsor was BetPhoenix, based in Costa Rica.

In 2nd place with 30 points was ‘Husker POWER’ who really did well with College Football this year, winning the 2013 OSGA College Football Pick ‘Em. 3rd place, with 29 points and tied with two other players was ‘SBRUNIES’, who gets a $250 Free Play at BetPhoenix . ‘Richman’ and Jaws37 rounded out the top 5. Cash and sportsbook free plays were awarded to places 1-10.

“Luckily we had multiple tie-breakers setup this year”, stated Jim Quinn, President of OSGA. “The competition was fierce and we had to go down to the 4th tie-breaker (BCS Winner) to separate the final three prize spots.”

This has been another great year for the Annual Bowl Bonanza. The Members-only Pro Football Playoff Pick ‘Em is still underway and in about 8 weeks, the 12th annual NCAA Tourney Contest will be available to all OSGA visitors, fans and members..

OSGA Announces Winner of 2013 Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest

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The Off Shore Gaming Association (OSGA) is pleased to announce the winners of our annual Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em Contest. The 2013 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em winner is ‘Kenny Bigg’ who beat out over 150 contestants to win the cash grand prize.

The OSGA sponsors several football contests that run for the full football season, but the granddaddy is the Progressive Pick ‘Em for Pro Football, now in it’s seventh year.

The OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em was two contests in one! Each week there was also a prize winner of a $100 free betting account at OSGA Elite-rated BetOnline.ag. Every week the player with the most wins for that week was given a $100 Free Play. Though a deposit was required, BetOnline gave away nearly $2000 in weekly prize Free Plays.

This year OSGA’s popular Progressive Pick ‘Em saw the Progressive part of the contest hit for the second year in a row. In fact two players both went 12-0 in week 8 and thus shared in the progressive pool of $800. ‘Kenny Bigg’ ended up the season with a whopping 72.8% winning percentage overall defeating ‘H8H8rs’ (166-75) by 8 wins! ‘Kenny’ will get 50% of the remaining progressive prize pool of $900. ‘H8H8rs’ won 25% of the pool or $225. In 3rd place was ‘chico’ with record of 165-76 and a prize of $90 Cash. ‘doctordanger’ was just three wins behind and thus got $90 cash too. $45 was awarded to 5th Place finisher ‘illiniwx4caster’ who tied ‘Miklos’ with 161 wins but beat him by just 1 point in the tie-breaker to finish in the money. In all more than 25% of players hit games at a clip of 60% or better which is quite impressive.

“This year we implemented some new software and after some initial glitches, our contests were better than ever,” stated Jim Quinn from OSGA. “We are fortunate to be able to work with some great sportsbooks to be able to offer these contests for our fans, visitors and members and look forward to crowning a College Bowl Champ next week,” added Quinn.

This has been another great year for the OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em. OSGA is looking forward to crowning a winner in the 11th Annual Bowl Challenge next week and their annual NCAA Tourney Contest in March.

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