Free Football Contests for the 2015 Season

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We have been running free contests for our visitors for nearly 15 years and we keep getting requests for more, especially from our Members. In 2015 we are offering several free football contests, with a couple of huge prize pools. ALL OSGA Contests are ALWAYS Free.

The fan favorite, the OSGA Progressive Pick ‘em is ready to go! This Free Pro Football Contest is in its 7th year and our sponsor, Elite-rated BetOnline is back to provide weekly free play betting prizes. In this contest players pick all the games on the board straight-up with no point spread with the goal of picking all the games correctly. The progressive prize of $100 in cash builds each week and only pays out when a player sweeps the entire board. Last year a player correctly picked all 12 games on the board in Week 10, cashing in on the Progressive Prize of $1000. In addition BetOnline gave away over $3000 worth of weekly free plays. Click Here to sign-up for the 2015 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em.

Another Free football contest returns – the OSGA Last Man Standing Contest. We last offered this in 2012 but have gotten multiple requests for a ‘Survivor Pool’. Each week players need only pick one single winner again, straight up. But, throughout the course of the entire NFL season, no team can be selected twice. This is a “one-and-done” event with a losing pick getting you instantly bounced from the competition. Elite-rated WagerWeb is providing huge free plays as part of a $2500 prize pool for this free contest, including a $1000 free play for the Last Man Standing. Click Here to sign-up for the 2015 OSGA Last Man Standing Contest.

This is the third straight year we have provided contests for OSGA Members Only. This year, we are getting the contests going early for Members and are again offering a simple squares contest, again for the Thursday Night NFL game. The contest is setup with a $50 VISA gift card going to the halftime score winner and a free week of handicapping selections for the player who has the square that corresponds to the final score. OSGA Members get to pick 4 squares for the Thursday night contest and there are never contest fees for our Members. Become a Member today and get on board before the next Thursday night NFL game.

Enter the Contests
, the 2015 OSGA Pro Football Progressive Pick ‘Em AND the OSGA Last Man Standing Contest today AND become a member to get in on the Thursday Night Squares and more. We’re happy to bring these annual FREE football contests to every fan of OSGA and wish everyone who enters, the best of luck!

A Donald Trump presidency will be good for American gamblers

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When Donald Trump announced he planned to run for President of the United States, most people were just laughing at the prospect. After all, how can this egotistical billionaire who is best known for a reality TV show really stand a chance at becoming the leader of the most powerful nation on earth? Those laughs have now turned to concern and in some cases excitement because Trump is now well ahead in the opinion polls to become the next Republican candidate. Sure Trump has made many missteps, but it doesn’t seem to have hurt him. But the question is can Trump actually win?

Probably not, but there is no question he’d be great for gambling. Aside from the fact that he owns or has owned many casinos, Trump has indicated many times that he supports gambling. In fact Trump’s pro-gambling past has put him at the top of the “vote against list” by the lobby group Stop Predatory Gambling whose stated aim is to stop people from gambling. Not surprisingly the group is made up predominantly of religious fanatics and those who have been affected by gambling. The group also opposes Hillary Clinton and Chris Christie, which it deems to both be pro-gambling.

Candidates they support are Jeb Bush and Mark Rubio who they classify as opposed to gambling even though it doesn’t appear Bush ever made a statement on the subject. But I suppose since his brother was responsible for the passage of the UIGEA, the logic is that the anti-gambling philosophy must run in the whole family.

I decided to send an email to Donald Trump asking for an interview but received no response. I had hoped that Trump may have considered the interview given other candidates (albeit mostly also-rans) have talked with me in the past leading up to the elections but unfortunately that wasn’t the case. But that’s no reason not to post a hypothetical interview. Having interviewed Wayne Allan Root when he ran for President as part of the Libertarian party and having researched Donald Trump quite well I believe the Donald would respond to my questions in a similar manner as the answers below.

As such, the following is how I believe an interview with Donald Trump would go should Trump ever be available. Note the responses in quotes are actual comments from Trump in the past.

HH – Thank you for the interview Mr. Trump.

DT – I’m happy to talk with those beneath me if it benefits me. I don’t know who you are but my staff sent me some of the interviews you conducted in the past with people like Alan Dershowitz so I assume you must be somewhat important in your field and that’s good enough for me.

HH – As a writer for a website devoted to gambling manners I’m going to keep my questions related to that area. You are clearly one of the biggest developers in the U.S. and much of that has been building casinos. From that one can assume you are pro-gambling. Can you tell me how you feel about gambling?

DT – Life is a gamble. “Everything in life is luck.” I’ve said that many times. It’s human nature to want to capitalize off that luck and I’m glad Trump has provided Americans the opportunity to do so. The true success stories, the people who have succeeded the most are all gamblers.

HH – Critics of gambling say that for every winner there are a lot of losers and we should be worried about those who have a gambling problem. Are you concerned about those who can’t handle gambling and could lose their livelihood if left to their own vices?

DT – I have no sympathy for anyone who can’t handle gambling. I like winners. If they aren’t winning then that’s too bad for them, but it’s not my problem, it’s not the casino’s problem, it’s not the government’s problem or the problem of other Americans. As I said before “Part of being a winner is knowing when enough is enough. Sometimes you have to give up the fight and walk away, and move on to something that’s more productive.” It’s the same like the booze addict who wants to shut down liquor stores and bars because he can’t handle his liquor. Tough for him. You don’t make rules for those who are at the bottom of the barrel, you make it for what’s best for the majority of citizens and gambling is good for the majority and of course for myself. Here’s a solution for them – if you like to gamble and can’t walk away . . . then get better at it.

HH – The Trump Plaza hotel closed last year and the Taj Mahal had to declare bankruptcy in 2014, although it has since been bought by another investor. Many analysts have said that both hotels were victims of the decline in gambling, but also that the casinos were mismanaged and that you never tried to keep them competitive with the new rising casinos in Atlantic City. How do you respond to that?

DT – I build the casinos, I don’t run them but that aside it wasn’t the decline in gambling or mismanagement that caused them to run into financial trouble. It was the Chinese.

HH – I beg your pardon?

DT – We all know that the Chinese are the biggest gamblers in the world, and the Jews and Italians also but casinos were banking on the Asian population to spend all the millions they bring over here at the casinos and for some reason they haven’t done so as much lately. That’s one of my biggest problem with the Chinese. They have all this money but they won’t invest it in the economy and that’s why we are struggling while they flourish. If they spent in U.S. casinos like they do in places like Hong Kong and Macau then the casinos would be profitable. Personally I think it’s a conspiracy by the Chinese government to try and ruin the casino industry here so they ordered their citizens abroad not to gamble as much in American casinos.

HH- Umm ok.

DT – And I think I saw a lot more Mexicans at the casinos as well. And Mexicans aren’t good for the business because casino patrons see them and they run away because you never know what will happen next with a Mexican.

HH – In 2011 you made it clear that you were all for online gambling. At the time most other casino operators seemed in favor of it as well but as you know Sheldon Adelson and Steve Wynn now oppose online gambling. In fact Adelson has even convinced Lindsay Graham to support a bill to bring back the Wire Act. What is your opinion on that?

DT – They’re hypocrites and traitors. They make money off gambling but they want to keep it offline because they don’t want competitors to they’re casinos in Vegas or Macau. Who the hell do they think they are? Let me tell you something competition is good. If you’re a good businessman like me then you will make money because you’ll be better than the competition. Are their technology people so inept they can’t build a casino website to compete with the great ones? Tough. And they’re traitors because unlike myself who put money into employing people in Atlantic City and at all my great Trump hotels in the United States they went to Macau and threw their money in over there. And Adelson even threw money into Singapore. If he likes it so much in Asia why doesn’t he move there where they can kiss his old ass every day? And Steve Wynn was for online gambling but now he’s against it? I don’t like people who change their minds. It shows they are weak. He was right to support online gambling and now he’s running because he knows he could never compete online with the great Trump-Taj-Mahal online gambling website.

HH – Didn’t the Trump Taj Mahal website in New Jersey close because it couldn’t compete with the likes of Borgata and Harrah’s?

DT – Are you some kind of wise guy? I don’t know anything about that but of course I don’t have anything to do with the online casinos. But if a website with the great name Trump can’t make it then I guarantee you the Wynn and Sands casinos would have done worse. Maybe that’s why they oppose it but it doesn’t change the fact that they shouldn’t be afraid to try and fail.

HH – One last question Mr. Trump. Sports betting seems to be the topic du jour. The leagues have opposed sports betting for decades but the NBA now supports it and other leagues are becoming more neutral. PASPA, a 1992 law forbids sports betting in all but 4 states but some states like New Jersey want that overturned. And now with daily fantasy sports occurring legally in the U.S. every day most people will agree that legal sports betting is already here. What is your stance on sports betting?

DT – I like sports. I like gambling. The two obviously go hand in hand. And like I’ve said before “Money was never a big motivation for me, except as a way to keep score. The real excitement is playing the game.” If everyone adopted that philosophy we’d all be better off. I like Adam Silver’s new stance on sports gambling. He realizes there’s a lot of money to be made for everyone including the leagues and players and as I’ve said before “if you’re going to be thinking anyways, then think big.” And sports betting can be big. We also need it in New York and New Jersey to help our horse racing tracks and casinos.

HH – What about those who would say that sports gambling leads to corruption and game fixing?

DT – If you’re a cheat, then you’re a cheat. Gambling won’t make a difference. I don’t like cheaters or dishonest people and if the leagues can’t control their own players because they’re dishonest, then the heads of those leagues need to be thrown out because they’re incompetent themselves.

HH – Thank you for the interview. Is there anything you would like to say in closing to readers of OSGA?

DT – I don’t know what the hell OSGA is but I’ll tell your readers this: As I said before “I don’t make deals for the money. I’ve got enough, much more than I’ll ever need. I do it, to do it.” So if I say I’m going to legalize online gambling federally, if I say I’m going to make gambling easier for Americans and if I say I will get sports betting legalized I’ll do it. When I’m president no one is going to oppose me because they know I’ll say “you’re fired!” So if you want more gambling in the U.S. then I’m your best choice for president. We will all win!!

HH – Thanks and good luck.

This satirical, hypothetical interview between Hartley Henderson and Donald Trump is strictly for entertainment purposes. Any Presidential wagering based on this hypothetical interview is not advised.

U.S. Casinos likely behind latest stall tactic for PokerStars

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The news was abuzz last month when it was revealed that Amaya CEO David Baazov and CFO Daniel Sebag had been named in an investigation by the Autorité des Marches Financiers (the body mandated by the government of Quebec to regulate the province’s financial markets) relating to trading activity prior to Amaya’s purchase of PokerStars.

Amaya Gaming’s stock was trading at just over $5 a share on the Toronto Stock Exchange for most of early 2014 but surged to over $10 a share on June 5th for no apparent reason and then doubled again to over $20 a week later after it was announced that Amaya Inc. purchased PokerStars for $4.9 billion. The action on the stock apparently raised the eyebrows of the Canadian regulators and in December, 2014 the RCMP and the Autorité des Marches financiers entered Amaya’s headquarters apparently to search for any evidence of insider trading. In a move to alleviate concerns of investors Amaya released the following statement:

To provide clarification on a media report, Amaya Inc. (the “Corporation”) (TSX: AYA) confirmed that the Corporation and its officers are cooperating with the Autorité des Marches Financiers, the securities regulatory authority in the Province of Quebec (the “AMF”), in an investigation with regards to trading activities in Amaya securities surrounding the Corporation’s acquisition of Oldford Group in 2014.

To the Corporation’s knowledge, this does not involve any allegations of wrongdoing by the Corporation. Amaya will continue to cooperate, if and as requested, consistent with our practice to always cooperate with regulatory authorities.

The Corporation will continue to monitor the investigation if and as it proceeds. The investigation has had no impact on Amaya’s business operations, employees or companies.”

The situation had remained stagnant until last month when it was announced that Amaya’s CEO and CFO were named in the investigation although they were vindicated for any insider trading themselves.

While the investigation may lead nowhere the speculation itself could still be enough to disqualify Amaya Gaming from operating in California as a result of the bad actor clause. Right now it appears that California will pass an online poker bill in the near future with a bad actor clause. The argument seems to be which operators will be included?

The Morongo Tribe, which has a partnership with PokerStars wants the company excluded from the clause while the other tribes want them included due to “past wrongs.” The truth of course is that the other tribes, who will either set up their own poker network or partner with other casino companies just don’t want the competition. There was some hope that the purchase by Amaya could somehow soften the stance of the other tribes but this revelation of insider trading could give the other tribes more fuel to demand that Amaya be disqualified as a rogue operation.

The timely news also comes on the heels of PokerStars preparing to operate in New Jersey. Amaya set up a partnership with Resorts Casino in New Jersey to operate its poker room from the casino floor, with the hope of possibly starting operations around the time of the World Series of Poker. While Caesars owns the WSOP there was belief a PokerStars startup around that time could benefit both companies. Nevertheless, PokerStars has yet to receive the license and the WSOP is in its final day before the November 9 final table, so that option was not realized.

Most believe that Pokerstars’ delay was due to Chris Christie’s interference in hopes of catering to Sheldon Adelson who is trying to block all online gambling. Christie denies the claims but his recent announcement about a presidential run and the fact that Adelson is known to pour money into Republican friends running for office has many convinced the speculation is valid. Nevertheless Christie has been coming under a lot of fire for the fact PokerStars is not operating in New Jersey yet and this could give Christie a big out. Christie can now approach the New Jersey Division of Gaming and argue that as long as Amaya is under investigation for illegal activities they should not receive a license. And Christie would have precedence for that decision since operators are always scrutinized for past suspicious activities before being cleared. And there is no doubt the investigation will go on for some time and possibly even after the 2016 U.S. elections at which time Christie will no longer be beholden to Adelson.

But it’s not just the Sands and Adelson that are opposed to PokerStars operating in the U.S. While the other casinos may try to appear in favor of PokerStar’s return that is clearly not true. The majority fear PokerStars’ name recognition alone will leave them in the dust. Sources close to me say that the other casino giants were the main reason that PokerStars was prohibited from purchasing the Atlantic Club casino in 2013. Despite being given a “clean bill of health” from the feds after paying the $714 million extortion money to the DoJ to help the government pay off U.S. Full Tilt creditors and buy the useless Full Tilt Poker brand, the American Gaming Association immediately was in front of The Division of Gaming Enforcement (DGE) lobbying to have Poker Stars disallowed from entering as a result of their past in the United States market. And that directive clearly came from the AGA members who feared that PokerStars would kill any chance of their products being successful. It worked as the deal fell through when PokerStars failed to meet the deadline to obtain a temporary gaming license.

The question of course is can the U.S. casino giants and U.S. politicians actually have influence on the Canadian government and its security exchange?

The answer is an absolute “yes”. The two countries work very closely together and it’s understood that if the U.S. raises concerns about security violations, the Canadian government will almost always follow through. This is particularly true since Amaya is doubly listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and The Nasdaq. It also can’t be overlooked that Caesars has a lot of clout in Canada as owners of Caesars Windsor casino.

This latest delay may be exactly what U.S. casino operators and regulators want as Poker Stars tries to gain a foothold back in the U.S. market.


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BetMayor is MIA

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Almost as soon as the doors opened on Monday we started getting pinged on our chat and called on our phone lines. was MIA. No one answering the phone. No one on chat. Emails to customer service bounced. And no website to login to. That is because players received a message that their account had been disabled and players were unable to login.

Jeff Cash, who told us and many players that payments would start to be sent in the first week of July, is no longer at the book, which is ironic, as he was one of the original owners of BetMayor. Jeff basically talked a good game for several months, including spinning stories of theft and mergers and selling his portion of the business. The principles tried to keep the book alive until football season, when hopes of a profitable football season would spring eternal and all players would be getting paid back, or lose the money they had in their accounts.

But the bottom line is that without his former partners, the sportsbook simply ran out of money before football season came.

We did get a response from Jeff. He claims that his former partner, Andrew, and top sales clerk, Kennedy, now of CRSportsbet “stole all the money”. He also is holding to the story that the mysterious Media Tech pulled out of the deal to buy/merge with BetMayor. Simply put, poor risk management occurred in which players simply won way too much money for such a small operation to absorb, PLUS chargebacks from players who were waiting to get paid, PLUS former partners poaching the business all add up to a now-defunct sportsbook.

We understand that the amount owed to players is not even close to the seven figures everyone imagines and, at one time, there was a decent amount of active accounts playing at BetMayor. Jeff is going to try to find a bailout, but we are not optimistic. If he does, it would erase another black-eye on sportsbooks in Costa Rica.

One thing is for sure, the rule of playing at new books, with no track record; places that literally have a website and a list, have ZERO chances of making it in a country where Elite-rated sportsbooks like 5Dimes, BookMaker, YouWager and other giants exist. And really, there is NO GOOD REASON, for anyone to patronize ANY new book in Costa Rica, not right now, and probably not ever.

We will have more on this story in the coming days. So stay tuned to

New Pennsylvania online gambling bill sets its sights on PokerStars

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A new online gambling bill in Pennsylvania, the first one sponsored by the Senate in the state, contains rules that could be looking to attract “bad actors”, operators such as PokerStars. To date all state online gambling bills such as the ones in New Jersey and Nevada have a bad actor clause that looks to exclude operators which took bets from U.S. citizens in the past and the majority of tribes in California seem adamant that a similar clause must be included in any bill that is introduced in that state. The new bill in Pennsylvania does not have that clause. As such it could be an opportunity for the state to try and entice companies like PokerStars to apply for a license there, should they be unable to attain one in neighboring states, particularly New Jersey.

Bill SB900 is sponsored by Senator Kim Ward and co-sponsored by Senators Robert Tomlinson, Elder Vogel and Joseph Scarnati. John Payne, chairman of the House Gaming Oversight Committee, is advancing a companion bill in the House titled HB649.

The full text of the bill can be found here, although the rules for online gambling don’t begin until Section 13B. While the rules have the usual conditions relating to ensuring the fairness of the games and underage gambling (there is actually a rule indicating they can’t market to anyone under 21 years of age) there are some interesting provisions in the bill that could raise some concern.

First, the rules require a licensee to have a physical gambling location (similar to New Jersey) and hold a permit for slot machines and table games. While this could be a concern for a company like PokerStars that doesn’t have a physical location, they would more than likely try to partner with an existing company, like Parx or one of the many racetracks in the state, such as The Meadows or Presque Isle Downs. The permit fee is $10 million up front for a 5 year online license and a $1 million annual renewal fee thereafter. As such, casinos would probably welcome the help from a place like PokerStars to pay the fee. In addition, an existing operator would certainly welcome a brand name like Poker Stars knowing that alone would entice customers.

Second there is a requirement that registration and first deposits must be made at the entity’s physical location, although players could deposit on the website or at another gambling facility if they live more than 20 miles from a licensed facility. While this may not seem like a big deal, it could dissuade many bettors who can’t be bothered driving to a racetrack or casino just to fill out forms. New Jersey noticed this concern originally and enrollments only increased when ways to sign up became easier.

Third and without doubt the biggest sticking point is the enormous tax rate that the bill requires namely 54% of gross revenues. That rate may be unworkable for many companies particularly when the permit fee is factored in as well. In comparison, New Jersey only has a 15% tax on gross yield, which is effectively net revenue after costs are paid out, and Nevada only taxes online gambling at 6.75% of gross revenue. And in the UK, the laws there only require a tax of 15% tax on gross profits. Pennsylvania currently taxes land based casinos 55% of gross revenue on slot machines and 16% on table games.

PokerStars has stated that they expect to be operating in New Jersey by the 3rd quarter of this year (partnering with Resorts Casino) but there is still a belief that they are being stonewalled by other casino operators who don’t want the competition as well as by Governor Chris Christie. And as long as Christie is governor, and possibly taking marching orders from his friend and huge Republican backer, Sheldon Adelson, many believe the license will never happen. Christie denies he is stonewalling PokerStars, but several sources have told me that Christie has indicated in private that he doesn’t want PokerStars there under his watch. If they indeed are being blocked from operating in New Jersey by Christie or any other entity, and if they continue to be blocked by California tribes, who have indicated they still consider PokerStars a bad actor regardless of the ownership change, then Pennsylvania may be PokerStars best chance and quickest entry into the legal online poker market in the U.S. And make no mistake about it – a large portion of the gamblers in Atlantic City live in Philadelphia anyway, so this may be an even better opportunity for them, particularly since they won’t have the same amount of immediate competition that they do in New Jersey.

The consensus seems to be that the impetus for the bill will be at the end of June, when the budget meetings take place. and there is some hope that when legislators see the $100 million in upfront permit fees from current land based operators in the state, it may be too much for them to pass up.

Poker Stars’ lobbyists, no doubt, are working overtime in PA right now. We won’t have to wait long to see if the push from Stars gets this bill passed . . . without any “bad actor” clauses.

Contact Hartley via email at hartley[at]osga[dot]com.

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Deflategate affects Patriots’ NFL Super Bowl Odds

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The overblown scandal, Deflategate, has changed the odds of the New England Patriots returning to the Super Bowl, due to the suspension imposed by the NFL on Super Bowl MVP Tom Brady. No matter whether you love or hate the Patriots, Brady is one of the top quarterbacks of all-time and despite this nonsense, he will be heading to the Hall of Fame. But according to posted Super Bowl Future Odds, the Patriots now face a tougher road to Super Bowl 50 without him for four games. However, after reviewing several online sportsbooks, we are not seeing any knee-jerk reactions from oddsmakers.

Elite-rated Bovada had the Patriots as the second favorite on the board to return to the Super Bowl at 7-1 odds just last week. But the Patriots now sit behind the Green Bay Packers (7-1) and Indianapolis Colts (8-1), in addition to the overall favorite NFL Super Bowl future oddsSeattle Seahawks (11/2), at odds of 10-1 in the NFL futures betting odds. Irish bookmaker and industry-giant Paddy Power however, has moved their number very little, leaving the Patriots at 7.5-1 and keeping them as the favorite to win the AFC Championship at 7-2. Still, most U.S.-facing online sportsbooks and the casinos in Las Vegas all have taken the Deflategate bait, despite the fact that Tom Brady is sure to appeal his current four-game suspension.

Kevin Bradley, Sports Book Manager at Bovada said, “Until we know if Tom Brady appeals his suspension, which is likely, and then the result of the appeal we are not over-adjusting too much on the Patriots odds. Their Super Bowl odds only went from 7/1 to 10/1 and they remain the second favorite behind the Colts in the AFC and are still the favorites in the AFC East. So despite all the hype, it did not affect our odds as much as one would have expected.”

Odds to win the 2016 Super Bowl
Seattle Seahawks   11/2
Green Bay Packers   7/1
Indianapolis Colts    8/1
Dallas Cowboys      10/1
New England Patriots 10/1
Denver Broncos       11/1
Philadelphia Eagles  18/1
Arizona Cardinals    25/1
Baltimore Ravens    25/1
Pittsburgh Steelers  25/1
New York Giants     28/1
Buffalo Bills           33/1
Cincinnati Bengals   33/1
Detroit Lions          33/1
Kansas City Chiefs  33/1
Miami Dolphins       33/1
New York Jets         33/1
San Francisco 49ers  33/1
St. Louis Rams       33/1
Atlanta Falcons      40/1
Carolina Panthers    40/1
New Orleans Saints  40/1
Chicago Bears         50/1
Houston Texans      50/1
Minnesota Vikings    50/1
San Diego Chargers   50/1
Oakland Raiders      66/1
Cleveland Browns     75/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 100/1
Washington Redskins   100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars    200/1
Tennessee Titans        200/1

NFL futures for total team wins by the Patriots has seen very little change in the number at Bovada, dropping just a half game. Added Kevin Bradley, “Their win total, that I would have opened at 10.5, is only down half a win to 10.” However, many of the online sports betting giants like 5Dimes and BetOnline have simply taken New England off the board for now.

Everyone seems to think that Brady will appeal the suspension and get it down to maybe two games, but in the betting arena, the Patriots are obviously more than just Tom Brady. But, if Brady does have to sit out the first four games and Jimmy Garoppolo is forced fill in as the Patriots starting QB, it is hard to believe that the Pats will be better than 2-2 upon his return. In the end, all of this hype and nonsense could make for a nice NFL future bet.

As a side note Bovada is the only sportsbook with a Brady proposition bet right now. They have a wager on the length of the suspension, should Brady appeal. Current odds favor no change to the four game suspension, even in the face of appeal. Bovada’s odds are below.

If Tom Brady appeals his Suspension what will the initial result of the appeal be?
Remains a 4 game Suspension 11/10
3 game suspension     4/1
2 game suspension     7/5
1 game suspension     7/1
No game suspension   10/1

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