The 2016 OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge continues with Sweet 16 action

The Sweet 16 is about to start today and the 15th annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge is still wide open.

The Sweet 16 is about to start today and the 15th annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge is still wide open. The first two rounds of games did little to separate the field of over 175 players.

BiCK and glasspy lead the field right now with 50 total points. But, over 100 players are still within 10 points of the top spot. Unfortunately, many of those players have Michigan State or Kentucky winning it all. In fact, 35 players picked Michigan State to win the NCAA Basketball Championship and eleven have Kentucky. With the double-digit seed upsets, the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge is still anybody’s game. As there ws no clear favorite this year in college basketball there are many selections to win it all. Kansas led the field with 42 players picking the Wildcats to claim the title, but 27 players have North Carolina, 11 have Virginia, 10 have Oregon, 9 have Villanova and 8 have Oklahoma, all still viable candidates to win the Big Dance.

The two rounds this weekend should see several players start to break away from the rest of the field. The games for the Sweet 16 are worth four points and this weekend’s Elite 8 games are worth 8 points. If Maryland upsets Kansas tonight at 9:40PM or Indiana, who has been playing great basketball, defeats North Carolina, all hell will break loose in the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge standings. It is not any kind of shock that no one picked the double digit seed game featuring a surprising Gonzaga Bulldogs squad against a Syracuse team that almost no one felt deserving of a bid. Of the field that remains no contest players picked either of those teams or Miami, Indiana, Wisconsin or Iowa State. Should any of those teams get through this weekend, it will be a wild finish for the 2016 OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge.

Players in the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge can head to the contest homepage and click on reports to see how much of a chance they have at winning the grand prize of $250 ($500 for OSGA Members). Though the field is starting to narrow, many players still have a reasonable shot at the grand prize and most still have a chance to get into the top 10 . . . and the prize pool.

Best of luck to everyone with their pools and March Madness wagering!

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