• Help End the Debate over Online Gambling!1

    USGAMINGSURVEY.com needs your opinions! Your answers may shape the future of online wagering and sports betting in the United States! To help close the astonishing gap of accurate information surrounding potential legalized and regulated online wagering in the United States, USGamingSurvey.com has developed the most accurate response survey to date. Here at OSGA we would

  • Offshore Bookie Bust a Political Move?5

    The November elections are less than a month away and this time they matter. On November 2nd, seats are up for grabs in the entire House of Representatives and for one-third of the Senate. The Dems that are up for re-election must be a bit worried and are certainly scrambling to keep a majority. And,

  • Online Gaming Debate Polarizes Lawmakers0

    In the United States, big issues sometimes polarize the people and their lawmakers. Slavery was perhaps the biggest debate with no center and caused a civil war. One of the most recent issues where there is no middle ground is abortion. But to see what transpired in the most recent House hearings on Internet gambling


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