OSGA Progressive Pool hit in Week 8

in Week 8 of the 2016 OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em, ‘kevint’ picked every game on the board correctly and collected $800 in the progressive portion of this 2-in-1 contest.

It took half the season, but in Week 8 ‘kevint’ picked all 13 NFL games correctly in Week 8 and hit the progressive pool in the 2016 OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em for a cool $800 cash.

Congratulations ‘kevint’!

The OSGA Progressive Pick ‘Em is a fan favorite, as it is two contests in one. There is a weekly prize and a progressive pool that build each week. The progressive prize of $100 in cash builds each week and only pays out when a player sweeps the entire board. Oddly enough, the first time it was hit in 2015 was also in Week 8.

‘kevint’ did get a bit lucky as the NFL game played in England between the Cincinnati Bengals and Washington Reskins ended in tie. In terms of the Progressive Pick ‘Em, a tie is a push and every player has the pay graded as ‘no action’, effectively making it a win for everybody. ‘kevint’ had the ‘Skins and was forced to sweat after Washington kicker Dustin Hopkins missed a 34-yard field-goal attempt late in overtime. But the Bengals could not capitalize and ‘kevint’ secured the win, and the cash, as the clock expired in OT.

There are still 9 weeks of NFL action left to play in 2016 and the progressive pool will now reset for Week 9 to $100. If no one hits this week, it will continue to build towards the end of the season. At the end of the year, whatever is left in the pool will be divided amongst the top 5 point getters.

Good luck this week and every week to the players in both OSGA football contests! For more contests and more ways to win, become an OSGA VIP member today.

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