OSGA Announces winner of Members-Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest

OSGA Announces winner of Members-Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest

VIP Member ‘jkressen1’ picked six of 8 prop bets correctly to claim the $250 prize!

We are happy to announce the winner of the OSGA Members Only Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest. VIP Member ‘jkressen1’ managed to somehow pick 6 correct props, despite the lackluster offensive (or great defensive) effort in Super Bowl LIII.

Way to go ‘jkressen1’!!

One other member also had 6 correct prop bet selections. So as usual, we had to go to the final total score tie breaker. But, with such a low scoring game, every player went over the total score. Thus, we had to go to the second tie-breaker according to the rules.

“If all players go OVER the total score or there is still a tie after using the final score total tie-breaker, the 2nd tie breaker of the number of first downs by the winning team will be used. Again, if no player has the exact number of first downs, the closest to the total number of first downs without going over will be the winner.”

The Patriots had 22 first downs in all, including four by way of penalty. Long-time member ‘H8H8rs’ also had six correct picks and chose 28 first downs, going over, while ‘jkressen1′ picked 21 first downs to grab the $250 prize in this winner-take-all contest.

Two props that were focused on a game with higher offensive production really sank most players. The prop for “Total Touchdowns by Both Teams in SBLIII,” was the toughest one. The answers were less than 5, 5, 6 or more than 6 touchdowns. Only ONE player picked under 5. In addition, contestants expected more out of Jared Goff. The prop for “What will Jared Goff do First, throw a TD or INT?” had just 25% of the players get that correct with “interception”, when Goff threw the late 4th quarter pick to Patriots’ cornerback Stephon Gilmore.

In addition, players who got 5 or more props correct also got a free month of OSGA membership tacked on to their existing VIP subscription. In all, five players got the extra month!

We thank all of the members who participated and look forward to presenting the 18th annual OSGA NCAA Basketball Challenge in March!


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