Final Four on Tap for the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge

Final Four on Tap for the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge

With three number one seeds gone and just three games to play, the OSGA NCAA Tournament Bracket Challenge grinds into the Final Four.

The 18th Annual OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge is rounding the final turn and the standings got a little tighter when Duke went down on Sunday. Twenty players are within 10 points of the leader, MizzouTgr 1, the cash Grand Prize for this year’s March Madness contest is within reach of nrealy 1/6th of the entrants.

With just one #1 seed, Virginia, left in the tournament, it would be easy to think that the 2019 OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge was a wild ride. But, outside of a couple of 12-5 upsets, the contest went along seeding lines for much of the first three rounds. Then the Elite 8 round came and sunk three of 4 top seeds.

Players picked these top seeds to win it all too, with Duke taking nearly 37% of players picks to cut down the nets. Gonzaga had nearly 20% of players’ picks and North Carolina another 14%. The only #1 seed that did not get much love from contest players was Virginia, taking less than 8% of the picks to win the National Championship.

Heading into the Final Four, no one has Auburn and just one player has Texas Tech. ‘jimbomar’ is the only player that took the Red Raiders win it all. Unfortunately, it would take a bracket miracle for ‘jimbomar’ to win the grand prize as he currently sits in 131st place. But, we are going to step in, as he is a longtime contest player and it just would suck to be the only guy with the overall winner, and not get a prize. So OSGA is going to give ‘jimbomar’ $100 if Texas tech wins it all and he doesn’t place in the money!

If you are lucky enough to have 2 of the Final Four teams you are doing really well. “djobie’, currently sitting in 5th place has both Michigan State and Virginia and i snearly a lock to win the cash Grand Prize if those two meet in the National Championship game next Monday. But for players who are a bit farther down the leaderboard, rooting for the two underdogs this weekend could be a solid path to the money.

As the last three games in the tournament get set to tip off there are 20 players who have 70 or more points and with the Final Four matchups worth five points and the National Championship on Monday worth 10 points, all of the cash prizes are still up for grabs. We will all have to wait until Tuesday to hand out the Grand Prize in the OSGA NCAA Tournament Challenge.

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Best of luck this weekend with not just your brackets, but all of your Final Four wagering.


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