The Betting Scene: New Year's Resolutions for Gamblers

Check out 7 resolutions that gamblers should adhere to in the coming year.

The new year is here and it's time for gamblers to work those New Year's resolutions. Whether it is to take stock of how much and how successful gambling was in 2021 or to look forward and become a money maker in 2022, here are a few things that should be considered.

New Year's Resolutions for Gambling

I will not chase losses
It's so easy to figure that you can turn a losing day into a winning one with just one more bet. The classic Sunday night football or MNF 'get out' games are usually anything but that. Losing 10 straight hands of blackjack and knowing that the next hand is going to be the one to turn around your luck rarely happens. Don't make a bad day gambling worse by firing more wagers blindly.

I will not bet big money on single game parlays
Single Game Parlays, Same Game Parlays or SGPs are making U.S. licensed and regulated sportsbooks piles of cash and taking it from unsuspecting players. The average casino win percentage on football since 1992 is 5.19%; the average casino win percentage on parlays since 1992 is a whopping 30.95%. After that sinks in, those are figures before the madness of SGPs in the last two years. The SGP is intended as a fun bet. Never bet much on them. Sportsbooks push single game betting for one reason and one reason only – huge profits for the book.

I will not think my home team will win every game
Thinking you know more about your home teams than linesmakers is a trap many gamblers fall into. But, in reality, there's no secrets that gamblers find out ahead of the sportsbooks. Instead, the perception that you are a know-it-all about your favorite teams skews reality and often works against a sports bettor. And, most sports bettors are also fans, making it a tough call to bet against your team.

I will not gamble under the influence
Casinos hand out free drinks for a reason - being impaired generally leads to poor decision making. The house has a built-in edge in almost every game, don't give them another.

I will learn more about the games/sports I am betting
Take time in 2022 to understand odds, value and solid betting practices. Learn the house advantage on betting double zero in roulette. Understand what sharp money and closing line value is in sports betting. The more knowledge you have, the more chance you have to turn a a profit.

I will stop trying for the 'Big Score'
Professional gamblers who earn a living betting are grinders. They look for value and advantages and bet percentages. There's no hunches, locks or 10 team parlays. Instead they employ bankroll management, find the best possible line and give themselves edges to win. Make 2022 the year to stop following your gut or that 100* lock from a guy on Twitter. 

Realize gambling is entertainment and is supposed to be fun.
For 95+% of players, gambling should be a fun entertainment experience. Having $50 on the Packers or a $25 three teamer for Saturday college hoops can definitely enhance the experience of watching sports. But screaming at the TV when a late game pick 6 sends your bet down the tubes, not so much. If you find yourself using rent or car payment money to gamble, then look for help. There's Gamblers anonymous for a reason.

Use the New Year's gambling resolutions above or create some of your own. Have fun playing and winning in 2022!

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