Pro Football Betting -- It's White vs. Siemian as Bears and Jets clash

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  • Sun, Nov 27th, 2022 3:59:53 am
  • By Charles Jay - Exclusive to OSGA

The New York Jets will try to shake off an incredible disappointment from last week as they line up against the Chicago Bears in the Meadowlands.

Well, the Chicago Bears will meet up today with the New York Jets in the game in which both teams will be using backup quarterbacks. Trevor Siemian will get the call for the Bears, as Justin Fields is sitting out with a shoulder injury.

With the Jets, there are no injuries, but as BetOnline patrons may have heard, head coach Robert Saleh has made the decision to bench Zach Wilson because of poor performance. Wilson has to mature a little bit, and until that happens, Saleh is going to put someone else in there; this week it’s Mike White, the former Western Kentucky quarterback who made a big splash last season when he threw for 405 yards in his first career NFL start against Cincinnati.

White came crashing down a couple of weeks later when he threw four interceptions, so no one should get the impression that there is someone ready to work miracles. The Jets just need a jolt, and perhaps white is that fresh infusion of energy they need at the present time.

Here are the numbers as they are posted on NFL betting action at BetOnline:

New York Jets -6.5 (-113)
Chicago Bears +6.5 (-107)

Over 38 Points -110
Under 38 Points -110

If you remember, Joe Flacco was the starting quarterback at the beginning of the season while Wilson sat out with an injury. Flacco provided some veteran leadership, but he’s a very stationary target in the pocket.

Simeon is not necessarily a stationary target, but he’s only got a little more than 200 rushing yards for his career. Fields, in his second NFL season, has made a huge reputation for himself in terms of being able to pull the ball down and run with it.

This is a guy who, if he was able to stay healthy and playing every game, would be up over 1300 yards projected for the season. He’s become a major weapon for a team that runs the ball more quickly than anyone else in the NFL.

That’s the kind of thing that could stay the same, because Siemian is not the kind of guy you want to throw the ball all over the field with. He’s a decent, solid backup, and usually he won’t let you get into trouble with a lot of turnovers. The Bears will likely lean on their running backs, Khalil Herbert and David Montgomery, to carry much of the load. But it should be noted that they made an interesting acquisition with Chase Claypool before the trade deadline.

The Bears aren’t going anywhere in the NFC North race, but they are laying a foundation for the future, and it could get interesting if Fields learns how to read NFL defenses.

Along the way, however, the guy's going to get banged up. That was the case against Atlanta, as he took a hit were running with the ball it was grabbing his left shoulder. There’s have been very coy about the nature of the injury, and then they finally admitted that it was a partial separation. And even then, they were not disqualifying the possibility that he could play on Sunday. Then again, they were not discounting the possibility that he might be out for the rest of the season either. The general consensus was that Siemian would start, but coach Matt Eberflus wanted to keep the Jets guessing as long as possible so as not to give them a Headstart on preparation.

We’re not sure that kind of thing will work.

The Jets have been able to hang in there all year on the strength of their defense. They sacked Mac Jones six times last week and did not allow an offensive touchdown. If they can get over the punt return touchdown they allowed in the final seconds against New England, they can assert some superiority at the line of scrimmage, because the Bears' success on the ground (leading the NFL right now) depends a lot on Fields' designed runs.

Going "under" would probably be a secondary consideration here. We're leaning with the Jets, as long as White can generate at least a little something.

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