Pay Per Head Goes All In on 2020 NFL Season and So Should Bookies

Thought none of the major sports are playing right now, the NFL season is right around the corner for pay per head bookmaking shops.

The coronavirus continues to keep most live sports and sporting events off the board for avid sports bettors, but NASCAR is running the Cup Series races again and professional golf is preparing to return to the course, which is a great sign.

Unfortunately, it is still anyone's guess when, or even if, there will be live action on another NBA, NHL or MLB game this season. Bookies waiting around for that to happen should probably start looking for another line of work. Just because those three major betting sports leagues remain off the board does not mean that bookies cannot move in an entirely different direction.


The biggest betting professional sports league in the U.S. market is moving full steam ahead with plans for the 2020 season. The NFL remains so confident that it will start on time, that it recently released the 2020 regular season schedule. The opening game is slated for Thursday, September 10th, with a full set of games on Sunday followed by the final two in Week 1 on Monday night, Sept. 14.

In preparation for the new season, the top pay per head bookie services providers have been ramping things up for the NFL from a betting standpoint. Similar to the big commercial online sportsbooks, the top-rated pay per head sites have access to the best oddsmaking services in the world. They also employ a in-house staff of line setters that can expand betting options for more than 70 different sports around the world.

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Concentrating on the NFL right now makes smart business sense for a number of reasons. Over the past few months, bettors have actually lost interest in the NBA, NHL and MLB. They have become old news in their quest to save their seasons. By the time they return to the court, ice and field in late July or early August, all the energy is going to shift to football. There is still a very good chance all three leagues may have to scrap their 2020 seasons altogether.

pay per head NFLGetting sports betting clientele fired up about NFL betting now will pay some huge dividends down the road. Working with the right PPH service, bookies can build out a NFL board that would rival what the biggest commercial books have posted right now.

Taking in early bets on NFL futures, props and even actual games is not going to solve current cash flow issues for bookie agent's who offer credit. However, it does develop of longer term level of commitment from your customer base.

The NFL becomes the best bet to keep an entire customer base engaged. Bookies need to stay top of mind throughout these current business conditions because this current downturn is not going to last forever.

Another good reason why riding the NFL more than three months in advance of the season openers makes good business sense is a more profitable return on investment. Having a big chunk of money bet on NFL wagers upfront gives a bookmaker the ultimate flexibility in line movements or any other adjustments to balance things out.

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Using advanced pay per head software solutions, the ability to properly manage any upfront NFL action will result in a much higher hold percentage when everything actually plays itself out.

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