Patrick Mahomes Second Half Injury Concussed Chiefs And Prop Bettors

FairwayJay Updates Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes Concussion Status and the impact on betting the divisional games and upcoming AFC Championship

Betting can be brutal. It's hard enough to beat the point spreads that are tough and tight in the NFL playoffs. But add in unexpected turnovers, 100 yard interception returns, officials penalty calls or, an injury to a star quarterback and you have more than you barganed for before you made your bets. 

Of course the more popular in-play betting at leading online sportsbooks allows you to add to your enjoyment (or frustration) of the game when you click on a Baltimore bet as they are going in for the tying touchdown against Buffalo. Feeling good, your excitement turns to disbelief as Lamar Jackson destroys your bets and excitement of a potential Ravens score and win.

For the record, I did not bet on the Ravens or Bills, or wager during in-game betting. But I did bet the 'under' in that contest. Fortunately, that totals bet was essentially secured before the 101-yard pick-6 that gave the Bills a 17-3 lead late in the third quarter. 

Chiefs Mahomes NFC ChampionshipUnfortunately, I also joined nearly 90% of totals bettors in the Chiefs and Browns game and bet 'over'. Never a chance in the Chiefs 22-17 win/no cover. The hazards of turnovers deep in the red zone, missed opportunities and a key injury concussed not only totals and Chiefs spread bets, but also player prop bets with Patrick Mahomes taking the biggest hit.

I cover sports betting for other sites and companies including major betting sites like Forbes, FanDuel and affiliates. Here's what I wrote up about Patrick Mahomes and his passing yards prop. 

The Browns have the worst defense of the remaining eight playoff teams, and rank No. 25 in Football Outsiders Pass DVOA. The Chiefs and QB Patrick Mahomes led the league with 303 passing yards per game. An extra week of preparation and film could make them mostly unstoppable against a Browns bunch that couldn't slow Big Ben last week. Roethlisberger passed for 501 yards playing from way behind. But it's the Week 17 game against Steelers' backup QB Mason Rudolph that is concerning as the Browns were playing for a playoff spot and allowed 315 passing yards and 8 yards per pass attempt. How are the Browns going to slow Mahomes and the Chiefs? Injury to Mahomes is the best chance, which is the risk when betting over.

I actually received some messages about that last sentence. An injury to Mahomes, and the risk of injury when betting 'over' props or totals. How ironic. Mahomes had 255 passing yards and was 21-of-30 passing when he went out of the game in the third quarter with a concussion and did not return. He was nearly certain to surpass his passing yards, completion and attempts props. Instead, another rough reality of betting: injury.  

I reported on Super Wild Card weekend about the hazards of betting and not getting caught up in wagering on  every game. Consider reducing your wagers if you want to have some bets for action and entertainment. Sports betting is supposed to be fun, whether for significant money or a pizza sized bet. 

Watching our U.S. Government melt down and the corruption, violence, COVID-health crisis and loss of business and jobs makes you want to throw up more than a Jackson misfire and pick 6 that cost you a bet at a leading online sportsbook. While you have to pay to play, and the government wants their cut of the action whenever big money is involved, understand the hazards of betting before you click on a bet on your favorite sportsbooks mobile app. 

Championship Games Odds and Patrick Mahomes Injury Update

I reported about some major wagers at leading online sportsbooks including William Hill. The bets will get even bigger and the volume greater this weekend and during the Super Bowl. Prop bet popularity will also set wagering records.  

NFC AFC ChampionshipSunday, Jan. 24 - Odds at BetOnline 

Tampa Bay at Green Bay (-3.5), Total 51
Buffalo at Kansas City (-3), Total 54

A Green Bay and Kansas City Super Bowl will create the most excitement, props and handle. But first the two favorites have to win, and Chiefs QB Patrick Mahomes has to clear the five step NFL required concussion protocol process.

1. Rest and recovery
2. Light aerobic activities
3. More aerobic exercise and strength training
4. Football specific activities
5. Full football activity 

Chiefs fans and bettors are counting on Mahomes to be back for the AFC Championship game. And remember that part about big money and corruption? Few rival the NFL when it comes to hypocrisy and its stance on gambling. It goes back way before the courts overturned PASPA and sports betting became legal in the U.S. approaching three years ago - for states that pass legislation to legalize sports betting.

There is a lot more riding on the NFL conference championship games than just a Super Bowl berth to the two winners. Gambling and record wagering is ahead on America's biggest bet sport. One of the games biggest stars is sidelined. Patrick Mahomes is going to play. 

You can bet on it. 

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