No Dice: The Top 20 Gambling Addiction Resources

According to Overcoming Gambling, fifteen million people display some sign of gambling addiction.

According to Overcoming Gambling, fifteen million people display some sign of gambling addiction. Whether at the slot machines or placing bets online, it is now easier than ever to gamble in the United States and across the world. Placing a bet is as easy as grabbing a mouse or going on a road trip. With 65 percent of compulsive gamblers admitting to committing crimes to support their habit and the average debt for a male gambler running between $55,000 and $90,000, there are many reasons to stop.

But stopping a gambling addiction is far more difficult than beginning one. With literally millions of gambling and gaming sites coming up when you type in “gambling addiction” into a search engine, turning to the web can do more harm than good. However, we have taken the liberty of scouring the web for the below top 20 gambling addiction resources. They include the true life stories of gambling addicts, experts on addiction, and even a few sites that can offer help.

The Top Gambling Addiction Blogs

These addicts share their stories of trials and triumphs through their blogs.

    1. She Bets Her Life
    Mary Soujourner is an ex-gambler and author of “She Bets Her Life: A True Story of Gambling Addiction.” Now a blogger for Psychology Today, she reflects on women and addiction. Gambling items in the news, particularly of interest to families, are often the topic of posts.

    2. The Recovering Gambler
    This recovering compulsive gambler placed his last bet in April of 1968. Proving that it is still a struggle, Arnie Wexler tells his story in detail. He also writes about other gamblers and related items in the news.

    3. Addiction Blog
    Their goal is to incite intelligent communication about the trends and discoveries surrounding addiction. In addition to gambling, there are sections for alcohol, drugs, and other forms of addiction. Jari Chevalier and The Living Hero Podcast are also worth a look.

    4. Gambling Watch Global
    Stop here for a source for latest news, developments, and reputable documentation and research on gambling. You will also find many helpful resources and links for anti-gambling advocates. Those looking for activism can also find resources.

    5. The Change Blog
    Peter Clemens admitted to an online poker addiction in this
    entry. With a goal of changing his life for the better and for his son, he started this blog. It has now grown into a multi-blogging festival of people who are also changing their lives.

    6. Getting Past Gambling
    Although this blog could use a few new posts, it is still worth a stop for items on gambling addiction. Running from 2004 to 2010, Linda gives insightful commentary as well as useful links. The Letters to Addicts are also worth a look.

    7. Compulsive Gambler in Recovery
    Paul is married and has two children. He began his blog in 2005 to chronicle his recovery through gambling addiction. His last post was on true recovery.

    8. Gambling Addiction Community
    Finally, if you need more true gambling addiction stories, click here. There are blogs, personal stories, and even a question board. There are also expert bloggers with more on Revolution Health.

The Top Gambling Addiction Sites

If you or someone you know have a gambling addiction, visit these sites with more help.

9. National Council on Problem Gambling
The mission of the NCPG is to increase awareness of pathological gambling and ensure research and treatment for gamblers and their families. Breaking news often contains items of interest for gambling addicts such as statistics, developments, and more. The Guide for Users has loads of resources including sections for problem gamblers, public awareness, and even a section for counselors.

10. Gam-Anon
Click here for the equivalent to Al-Anon. Based in New York, their goal is to help gambling addicts and their families find a safe place to discuss their problems. They even have items on living with and growing up with a compulsive gambler.

11. The Connection
Founded in 1972, they are based in Connecticut. Their purpose is to be a community response to the devastation being wrought on families by the problems of abuse, neglect,
addiction, and crime. They even offer a Making the Connection podcast. It is a fifteen minute, monthly selection that tells the story of clients and program graduates.

12. GamBlock
Because more and more gambling addictions happen online, stop here. It is a service that blocks online gambling on a computer. The program uses sophisticated analyses that block new gambling sites and software, unlike other programs that require constant updating of website lists. They even have a special one just for mobile devices.

13. 10 Ways to Stop Gambling Before it’s too Late
Michelle Tee wrote this blog entry for Hubpages. In it, she includes the problems of gambling addiction, along with ways to stop it. They include decision making, reading, self-help, and many others.

If you or someone you know has or is suspected of having a gambling addiction, please seek help right away. One of the best known resources and stops is Gamblers Anonymous, which stands alone in its ability to help addicts. The site has a history, Q & A, 20 questions, and even a meeting directory to help you find a program in your area.

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