New Western Union Scam Alert

Beware of Western Union fraud from unsolicited deposit requests, especially with 'too-good-to-be-true" offers.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert *****

Reason for today's alert: Western Union Fraud

Blacklist Notes: It has come to our attention that players are being contacted by individuals claiming to be "sales agents" or "customer service agents" offering very attractive offers if they deposit via Western Union.


Specific Notes: We got a call from a player this week who was contacted to make a deposit from a 'representative' at one of the sportsbooks he plays at. He was told that he could have a 150% bonus with only a 7X rollover. Before making the deposit the player called back the 800 number that was given to him. There was only a fast busy signal and the call did not go through. Then, the player was smart enough to call the book regarding the offer. He was told that no such offer existed and no such person under that name worked there.

After some investigation we were able to find that three books names have been used - WagerWeb, YouWager and BetUS. These books are all doing a very good job right now and this may be the reason the scammer is using these company names.


Recommendation: Players need to take extra measures when solicited to make Western Union deposits to sportsbooks, casinos or poker rooms. If you are contacted by a sales agent you never heard from before, offering a promotion that is too good to be true, simply tell them you will call them back and get the 800 number they are calling from.

If they refuse to give you a return phone number or if the phone number is not immediately picked up by the gaming company in question, chances are this is a scam. Contact the gaming company they claim to be calling from and verify if that employee actually works there.

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