Massive Bad Beat Jackpot Hit at BetOnline Poker

A recent Bad Beat Jackpot Texas Hold 'Em game produced a terrible bad beat and a huge jackpot.

BetOnline Poker is serious about rewarding its players when facing a Bad Beat. In a recent Bad Beat Jackpot game at, Four of a Kind 10's were beaten by a straight flush, yielding a huge payoff for BetOnline poker players

HOUSTON1 went in hard when he saw a second 10 appear on the turn, thinking he had a winning hand with his hole cards of two tens. But then a lucky Queen of Hearts appeared on the river for BARNIESANDLERS, who was Bad Beat jackpot BetOnlineholding the Jack and 8 of hearts. The flop gave BARNIESANDLERS a straight flush, beating four 10's and triggering a huge Bad Beat Jackpot of $170,425.40.

HOUSTON1 cashed in for over 34K and BARNIESANDLERS took the winning pot of $202.72 and the extra prize of $25,000. BetOnline shares the Bad Bet Jackpot with all players involved in BBJ games at the time the pot is hit. So every player at the winning (losing) table got $3,043.31 and all players at BBJ tables collected their share of the pool.

The Bad Beat jackpot at BetOnline Poker can be found at Bad Beat Jackpot tables (look for the yellow star). If a Four of a Kind Deuces or better gets trumped by a better hand, the player with the losing hand and all others playing at Bad Beat Jackpot tables will share in the jackpot. Here's how it breaks down. 

20% player with Bad Beat
15% winner of the hand
12.5% players at the table
12.5% players at other BBJ tables
35% reseed
5% fee

The BetOnline Bad Beat Jackpot pool was reset to over $51,000 and is rapidly growing. So head to BetOnline Poker and look for the yellow star to get involved in a BBJ table. 

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