Introduction to Price-Per-Head Bookmaking - Part II

This is the second of a three-part series on price-per-head bookmaking - Revenue Share vs. PPH Agency.

In the second part of this three part series, we talk to RDGCorp to get into the nuts and bolts of a typical pay per head (PPH) sportsbook product and how agents can have greater profitability from their business. PPH software can turn any bookmaker into an "agent" who is able to compete in and deal with the needs of a changing world.

OSGA: Why have so many agents left their relationships with credit sportsbooks?
RDGCorp: Well, in the old days an offshore sportsbook might partner with an onshore bookmaker. The deal was based on the onshore bookmaker finding the business and the offshore operator writing it and doing the accounting for a fee. The deal was typically 50%/50%. However, with the Price Per Head offering, we can offer the same offerings, but only charge the onshore bookmaker a nominal fee for using my service. The fact is that 50% is simply too much to charge an onshore bookmaker. Bookmakers are charged a flat fee based on the number of head (players) and the bookmaker keeps the rest of the money.

OSGA: Wait a minute. How can you afford to write the business for a simple fee when it historically cost 50%.
RDGCorp: As technology has advanced, it has become easier for pay per head companies to emerge. There is no reason to charge a percentage of the action with our costs going lower. This allows more and smaller bookies to come online and be profitable. Its a win-win for all involved.

OSGA: Is the PPH product only based on sports wagering?
RDGCorp: No, far from it. At Premier per head. we offer a wide variety of Pay Per Head services. To start, a casino and racebook that are included in the price. The players have the ability to play the casino from their desktop or even their smartphone or tablet. The horse racing program offers tracks from around the world. There is also live casino and poker applications available to the agents. We offer many entertainment and political props year round as well. These are some of the benefits of the Pay Per Head platform.

OSGA: What is one of the biggest and most profitable tools that RDGCorp offers to bookmakers?
RDGCorp: The Pay Per Head software gives bookmakers the ability to closely monitor players' action. Sharp players can do major damage to an agents bottom line and we offer a sportsbook solution that gives the agent the knowledge and warning signs to look out for.

OSGA: So bookmakers can go into their computers and check on their players, which seems like it should be pretty standard.
RDGCorp: What Premier does is give the agent a very robust "back end," in which all customers are profiled, with extensive details on their activity. Agents not only have a real-time reporting on players' current balances, but also on their wagering action, providing the opportunity to adjust the limits or the wagers available for any customer on an individual basis.

OSGA: How many bookmakers do you currently work with?
RDGCorp: We have hundreds of bookmakers using our service. Everyone from a seasoned veteran from the east coast with a couple hundred players, to a college kid in Hawaii starting with just 2. There is no one too big, or too small to take advantage of our service.

OSGA: Anything else you would like to add?
RDGCorp: Sure. If you're a bookmaker onshore, call us or visit us online to learn how to save money and/or grow your business beyond your wildest dreams. The service is modestly priced, and we have never had a disgruntled user. The value proposition is simply huge for any bookmaker.

OSGA: So how does a bookmaker learn more about this?
RDGCorp: Simply go to learn more. Agents can also call in to us at 1-800-949-6285 or email to get more information.

We examine more about PPH in a part three of this series. Check out part 3 here.

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