Gazing into 2016-2017 NBA betting futures, should we bother playing the season?

When the Warriors acquired Kevin Durant in the offseason it made them the biggest team favorite of all-time to win any championship for any of the four major four U.S. sports.

The Golden State Warriors are huge favorites to win the NBA Championship.

We can only hope NBA players didn't peek at Nevada and major online sportsbooks current future lines for the upcoming season. Unless you're suiting up for the Golden State Warriors, it might potentially kill your motivation for stepping out on to the court for over 100 games or so.

It seems per odds makers none of the other 30 teams have close to a remote chance of popping champagne next June. We don't have an "Elias Sports Bureau" for this, but it appears when the Warriors acquired Kevin Durant in the offseason it made them the biggest team favorite of all-time to win any championship for any of the four major four U.S. sports.

Here's a current breakdown from offshore sportsbook wagering mainstay, Bovada:

2017 NBA Championship - Odds to Win NBA Championship odds

Golden State Warriors -110
Cleveland Cavaliers +300
San Antonio Spurs +650
Boston Celtics +1800
Los Angeles Clippers +2500
Oklahoma City Thunder +4000
New York Knicks +4000
Toronto Raptors +5000
Chicago Bulls +5000
Indiana Pacers +6600
Minnesota Timberwolves +6600
Memphis Grizzlies +6600
Portland Trail Blazers +6600
Miami Heat +10000
Atlanta Hawks +10000
Houston Rockets +10000
New Orleans Pelicans +10000
Detroit Pistons +10000
Washington Wizards +10000
Milwaukee Bucks +10000
Utah Jazz +10000
Dallas Mavericks +20000
Los Angeles Lakers +20000
Orlando Magic +20000
Charlotte Hornets +30000
Denver Nuggets +50000
Sacramento Kings +50000
Philadelphia 76ers +50000
Phoenix Suns +50000
Brooklyn Nets +50000

Believe it or not, that -110 line on Golden State at Bovada may be a current "bargain" as they're listed at -120 at Diamond Sports and a bigger favorite at a few other top online sportsbooks. A suggestion to shop around if you believe the Warriors are a slam dunk.

Humans, not Droids

Please keep in mind that basketball players are humans and are susceptible to season-ending injury like football players. Just ask the Chicago Bulls and their sad history of bad luck with departed Derrick Rose, etc. Suppose Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson goes down for the season, are you willing to pay odds-on for this wager? Well, some say YES, as this Warriors team is so deep that even the loss of one superstar could not prevent their chances from winning the crown.

The other factor is logic and value. Think of all the better wagers available at similar odds and could be collected much, much faster. Yes, I realize this is a FUTURE BET, but we're talking a future of eight long months. For example, after their discouraging loss in Game One to the Cleveland Indians in the World Series, the Chicago Cubs were listed before Game Two at the same -110 odds to potentially win the Series within one week! And they only had to beat one team, not compete with 29 teams and survive four series in the grueling NBA playoffs.

Yes, Lebron is Still Around

It should also be noted that the Cleveland Cavaliers did beat the Golden State Warriors last season to win the NBA Championship and are available to repeat at a tempting +300. Possibly better odds by checking out other preferred offshore sportsbooks. And nobody will every question Lebron James' motivation every time he steps onto the court. The problem there is competition in the East is much better this season with the Chicago Bulls, Boston Celtics and even longshot New York Knicks offering stronger opposition. That could wear down the Cavs as the season progresses.

If you're looking to circle a better wild longshot against the Warriors, perhaps the Los Angeles Clippers? Loaded with talent, but never loaded with luck or historical pride, the Clips are a very, very good team. Chris Paul, Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan are sure bets to make the All-Star team. Point guard Jamal Crawford is solid and they've even added Paul Pierce before retirement and his visit to the NBA Hall of Fame. This could be the Warriors likely last stop before pursuing the Cavaliers in the Finals, so anything could happen. The Clippers at +2500 are a decent value play, but again, nobody should be betting the ranch against Golden State.

It's a Six-Team League

A case could be made toward thinking of the Warriors at -110 or similar odds as an "annuity", not a bet to be settled in June 2017. A sure thing that is a matter of patience.

That is always faulty thinking as this is gamlbing, not investing. However, if you are interested in this wager it is smart and practical to eliminate at least 24 of the 30 NBA teams in your thinking before wagering. They simply have zero chance and better still, the corresponding odds offered are of incredibly poor value. For example, the odds of the Phoenix Suns winning the NBA Championship are about 5,000,000 to 1, not 500-1. In comparison, Powerball provides you better odds. And I think you can collect on that ticket maybe next week.

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