Full Tilt Poker Refund Process Begins Today with Email Notices

The FullTiltPokerClaims.com website was updated today with information that players will be receiving emails in the next 48 hours to claim their funds.

It appears that the day has finally come where players from the U.S. who are waiting for funds from Full Tilt Poker will be contacted by the Garden City Group, the company that is handling reimbursements from the beleaguered poker site.  The FullTiltPokerClaims.com website was updated today with information that players have been waiting to hear since April 15, 2011, commonly known as Black Friday, when the U.S. government effectively shut down the three largest poker sties that serviced U.S. customers..

According to the website, e-mails will be sent to U.S. Full Tilt Poker players on Monday, September 16 and Tuesday, September 17, though as of this writing players have yet to receive the email. GCG will spend the next two days sending out e-mails to affected U.S. Full Tilt players to the e-mail address on file with Full Tilt Poker. By Wednesday, September 18, players who have not been contacted will be able to submit claims online.

Players who receive an e-mail notice containing both a Petition Number and a Control Number can log into the Petition filing process through the GCG website and will be able to view their Full Tilt account balance. Players can then confirm or contest the account balance. If accepted, bank details need to be provided and funds will be paid electronically to the players bank account. The deadline to submit a petition is November 16.

Since the Garden City Group was named as the company handling repayments we have gotten many inquiries related to how much documentation will be needed to collect outstanding funds. According to the FAQ posted on GCG's website, "If you agree with the FTP Account Balance displayed through the online filing process, you are not required to submit additional documentation." A Social Security Number or alternate Taxpayer Identification Number will be needed to accept a remission. If players dispute their balance, that's when it gets interesting. Players will be required to submit supporting documentation, "such as complete unaltered copies of canceled checks, wire transfers records, bank or credit statements, or similar official transaction records. This supporting documentation must show the account holder's name, date, transaction descriptions, amount, and financial institution information."

Though there still is no date when the repayments will actually take place and no determination if players will get their full balances, industry experts believe the amount of forfeited funds are more than enough to cover estimated claims. Players with any questions can call the Full Tilt remission hotline at 866-250-2640 or email the GCG at Info@FullTiltPokerClaims.com.

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