Daily NBA2K Betting at Jazz Sports

Sports starved fans can watch and wager on NBA2K simulations at Jazz Sports.

Online NBA2K betting at Jazz Sports

In view of the recent surge of interest in virtual sports, online betting giant Jazz Sports has launched its own NBA2K betting platform.

Jazz Sports’ NBA2K betting platform features at least seven simulated daily matches, laid out in succession, every two hours. The computer vs. computer format is streamed directly via Twitch through JazzSports.ag. All NBA2K matches are available for active users of Jazz Sports. The lineup of matches can be found under the Simulation Games tab of Jazz Sports extensive betting board.  

NBA2K betting at Jazz Sports
And speaking of betting, Jazz has odds posted for the full games, of course, but also for halves, quarters and most every other type of basketball betting line typically offered at top online sportsbooks. 

Full Realism

Jazz is running an abbreviated, simulated NBA season followed by playoffs. Each one of the NBA's 30 teams will play against each other once, and, at the end of the season, the top four teams from each conference will move on to the Playoffs, in the hopes of winning the NBA2K title.

Each and every NBA2K match will be played realistically, with minute allocations among the starting lineups and bench. Players get fatigued, can get fouled or subbed out . . . even injured. However, any injured player will return in full health for the following match. 

"We wanted to make the games as realistic as possible, but also fun for our customers, so injured players are only out for one game," said a Jazz spokesman. "Not having a Kevin Durant or Stephen Curry playing for an extended period of time might be realistic, but it would take away some of the fun and spirit of what we are tying to do."

Get Involved

The games are already underway at JazzSports.ag. Players can email csd@jazzsports.ag or call (855) 910-3888 for more information on their special NBA2K odds and matches.

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