Canadians no longer welcome at Betfair

A letter sent to Canadian customers of Betfair reveals the company's exodus from the Canadian market. Players have until January 14th.

In August we speculated that the Paddy Power and Betfair merger could spell the end of Betfair for Canadian customers since Paddy Power cut off Canadian customers as a result of their partnership with the B.C. Gaming Commission. While the merger hasn't been finalized, a letter sent to Canadians today indicates that the speculation was correct and that the merger will occur by January 14th. Here was the letter sent to customers in Canada:

Betfair exits CanadaWe are sorry to inform you that as of 14th January 2016, Betfair's products will no longer be available to residents of Canada.

On 14th January 2016 Canadian residents will no longer be able to place bets and Betfair shall close it's website. All outstanding Sportsbook bets will be cancelled, you will no longer be able to place new exchange bets and all gaming products will be blocked. Please note that all outstanding Exchange bets will remain in place until 14th January 2016, so please ensure you manage any positions you have open in advance of this date.

Please also ensure you withdraw any funds you have in advance of 14th January 2016. You will only be able to withdraw any winnings, or leftover funds after 14th January by contacting our helpdesk.


The closure of Betfair to Canadians follows the move by Ladbrokes last year. Fortunately Canadian customers still have many options including Pinnacle Sports, The Greek, Bet365, William Hill, Stan James and all the betting websites open to Americans. Nevertheless, while the speculation proved correct this will prove to be a big blow to Canadian customers that have come to know and love the exchange betting website.

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