Caesars Sportsbook Becomes First in US to Offer Live NFL Streaming

The Dec. 4 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts was streamed live by Caesars Sportsbook as part of the new feature called “Watch & Bet.”

The Dec. 4 game between the Dallas Cowboys and Indianapolis Colts was streamed live by Caesars Sportsbook as part of the new feature called “Watch & Bet.” 

It marked the first time that a sports betting app streamed a live NFL game in the United States. Caesars has plans to broadcast other NFL games within its “Watch & Bet” product this season. The games are formatted to be viewed on mobile phones and tablets, with exclusive graphics and data to enhance the viewing/betting experience.

The NFL, Caesars, and data-distributing partner Genius Sports have indicated that at least one NFL Playoff game will be streamed live on Caesars sportsbook in January.

Live NFL Streaming Available With Caesars Sportsbook

Through a collaboration with Genius Sports and Caesars, the NFL is cementing its commitment to sports betting and multimedia entertainment. With the league and nearly every NFL team entering into agreements with sports betting partners, a live-streaming broadcast presented by Caesars each Sunday is a dynamic way to present odds and professional football to fans in a convenient way.

“We’re excited to offer fans a new way to experience and engage with NFL content,” vice president of NFL media strategy and business development Brent Lawton said. “Watch and Bet is an innovative step forward in our partnerships with Genius Sports and Caesars.”

Caesars Watch & Bet streams one live National Football League game each Sunday, with betting odds and live stats scrolling across the feed. Caesars and partner Genius Sports provide easy betting options from within the feed, allowing the user to flip between the NFL broadcast and a betting slip. Odds are updated in real-time. The option is available in every state where Caesars Sportsbook is operating.

“The addition of live Watch & Bet video streaming brings the best that the NFL has to offer right into the Caesars Sportsbook app,” president of Caesars Digital Eric Hession said. “Delivering innovative technology like this remains a key emphasis for us, so being the first U.S. sportsbook to provide customers with in-app NFL live streaming isn’t something we take lightly.”

Genius Sports, which has an exclusive contract to distribute certain types of betting and in-game data for the NFL, praised the arrangement in a statement.

“As a first of its kind in the U.S., Caesars Sportsbook will offer official data-driven in-game betting opportunities and player props alongside live video streams of NFL games to give their customers access to the most compelling in-play NFL betting experience available for mobile and tablets,” Genius Sports said.

Caesars Sportsbook NFL Streaming Game Schedule
Dec. 11: Miami Dolphins at Los Angeles Chargers
Dec. 18: New England Patriots at Las Vegas Raiders
Dec. 25: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Arizona Cardinals
Jan. 1: Los Angeles Rams at Los Angeles Chargers

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