Breaking News: The Greek is Closing!

After more than 22 years online, the legendary Greek sportsbook is moving on.

Respected online bookmaker, The Greek, ceases operations

Players who logged into their accounts at today were greeted with a message informing them that the long-standing bookmaker is ceasing operations.

" is closing its bookmaking operations. However, we have arranged for your account to be transferred to BetCRIS. BetCRIS is one of the pioneers in the sports betting industry and offers great value to both recreational and experienced sports bettors. They offer a wide variety of prematch betting options and live betting on televised sporting events with bets being graded in real time. Their loyalty program is the best in the industry giving you better odds and higher payouts on all your wagers as you progress through the levels. We are confident you will be satisfied with their service. is closingThe transfer of your account has been designed to be quick and easy. Follow the link to enter your username and password for to automatically transfer your current balance to your new account and start betting right away.

We thank you for your patronage, and are confident you will be in good hands at BetCRIS. All fund transfers are being guaranteed by The Greek, so you can be assured that you can continue to "Sweat the Game, and not the Payout."

Thought this appears to come out-of the-blue for players, it obviously has been in the works for some time. Players are already able to seamlessly access their accounts at, using their same account number with the prefix 'TG'.

From what we understand players will have no rollover of funds and can request a payout at any time, guaranteed by The Greek. If a player does have an existing BetCRIS account, they are able to transfer their Greek balance to their current BetCRIS account.

Players should have no worry about playing at BetCRIS. They are one of the largest operations in the world and have a track record of paying customers for over 25 years. In addition, BetCRIS is one of the originators of betting lines and offers a huge variety of betting options and live betting on televised sporting events, with bets being graded in real time.

Just like everywhere in the corporate world, it looks like the big are getting bigger. Stay tuned as we offer more information on this breaking news story.

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