Betting for Value on Valentine's Day

A tongue-in-cheek look at how to maximize 'profit' on Valentine's Day by finding the best gift and showing your hand with your spouse/friend/lover.

A Guy’s Guide To Bluffing and Betting For Value On Valentine's Day

As Valentine's Day approaches, it's time for some thoughts and tips on emotions and betting. Since I'm a poker player as well as a sports handicapper and bettor, I thought I would chip-in with Fairway's formula for fun and a victory on Valentine's Day. Here's how to beat the 'house' on Valentines Day. Listen up guys. Since most women run the house you live in, today's the day to reward your spouse/friend/lover. You don't need to 'overbet', just make sure you get involved in the game and are focused and paying attention!

I have plenty of experience with women and girls, as I'm a father of three ( 3 ) daughters. I know a little bit about the 'full court press' and how women and girls negotiate, 'bluff' and use their own smarts and game to get 'value'. Here are some of my thoughts and Fairway's Facts from the felt and in handicapping Valentine's Day. Whether married or single, take this advice and play these hands on Valentine's Day. Just remember to not let your emotions get the best of you!

1. Bet for Value – Maximize Profit. Some hands win more than others. Know the 'value' of your hand (partner) and play your cards right. Pay attention and you'll win more hands and the heart of your partner. Bring home flowers rather than chocolate. Know her favorite foods, restaurants and places to shop. Pick up and clean up at the house. If time, take her car for a wash and fill up the gas tank. This is not the time to 'bluff' or 'slow play' You must be aggressive, bet and take control. It's okay to show a little emotion here.

Valentines Day best bets2. Look for Tells – What she likes to do. If you haven't been paying attention and listening, you're in trouble. If you're not a poker player, you'll know about going broke soon enough if you can't heed this advice.

3. Buy the Pot – Bluffing to win the hand. This is a guys best bet, if you have more money than creativity. If you spend more time staring at her than talking with her, you better ante up. Jewelry is preferred, but do not buy a ring! Don't overbet; a necklace is fine, and hopefully you know whether she likes gold or silver. Can't go wrong with either one? Believe me, you can and you won't get away with a 'semi-bluff'.

4. Cracking the Hand – Beating a big hand. This isn't the day to offer her a new set of enhancements (pocket 'Aces'). But you need to come up big here by showing her you care. Make her feel important. Show some emotion. Buying a gift? Think ahead and shop for value – buy something on sale! Take her to dinner and offer some wine. If you have not already cleaned up something at the house, take a shot in the bathroom and kitchen rather than thinking you're 'owed' one in the bedroom because you suffered a 'bad beat' recently.

5: Be A Winner – You don't have to make a big bet to be a winner. Just be sure to call your loved ones including your mother and daughters. Send a cute Valentine's text with a heart or flower. Try this also with your girlfriends, spouse and lovers. Fire a few chips at the pot, and even if they come 'over the top' and force you to play for more, you'll leave a winner knowing you paid attention to them and showed plenty of heart.

Good luck as you shoot for Victory on Valentines Day.

FairwayJay is a leading national sports handicapper and is recognized as one of the sports industry's most insightful analysts. Follow him on Twitter: @FairwayJay

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