Betting NFL Underdog Picks For Profit With FairwayJay

FairwayJay has been a top of the leaderboard performer producing profit with his NFL underdog picks. Now starting his 7th season providing NFL underdog picks at OSGA, FairwayJay has posted a record of 162-117 ATS (58.1%) with 92 outright underdog winners. That includes a 28-12 (70%) season in 2021.

FairwayJay has Produced Elite NFL Results for more than 15 years

The 2023 NFL season will be our 7th straight year posting NFL underdog picks at Off Shore Gaming Association. The record is 162-117 ATS (58.1%) with 92 outright underdog winners. That includes an unprecedented 70% season in 2021 going 28-12 with 21 outright winners.

NFL Week 1 betting advice tipsMy labor of love continues providing picks, insight and analysis with handicapping strategies and stats to produce profit. Prior to starting my partnership with OSGA in 2016, I had pursued other interests after providing picks as a professional handicapper from 2003-2011. During that time my NFL picks were documented at the Sports Monitor of Oklahoma City during a run of 8 straight winning NFL seasons when I was selling picks and doing weekly radio segments on a most popular sports handicapping show out of Las Vegas.

The 8-year NFL results were 371-277 ATS for 57.3% including a 'Rookie of the Year' season of 52-28 ATS (65%) my first year as a professional sports handicapper. 

I've also had contest success including a top 6% finish (1,700+ entries) and 60% seasons in the NFL Super Contest in Las Vegas, and winning the Wise Guys football contest at Playbook Sports along with other top finishes.  

FairwayJay NFL Handicapping and Sports Betting Stories

Frankly, I'm not too comfortable 'touting' my handicapping success and picks despite my proven performance especially in the NFL. That's one of the reasons I no longer 'tout' or sell picks for other companies or sites, despite many offers to do so. But for those that follow Fairway's Forecast and visit OSGA and the sites I contribute to and provide sports betting insight including NFL in Forbes, I hope you profit from my experience and follow OSGA for more sports handicapping insight and picks. 

Visitors and OSGA members can also join the many online football contests offered at Gambler's World, Jazz Sports, MyBookie, BetOnline and survivor contests, plus OSGA with payouts by BetUS and BetAnySports - a top reduced juice sportsbook

NFL Handicapping and Stats

I enjoy digging into stats, matchups and providing insight to help others learn while you earn. Read my rushing to the window article to better understand point of attack play and the importance of running the football, and how I've profited for decades utilizing these stats, guidelines and projections towards NFL point spread success. NFL betting advice Fairway JayIt's just one way to handicap a game, but can guide you as well to layoff teams when you see potential discrepancies and combine that with suspect quarterback play.

Also understand that turnovers are a primary factor in point differential in a football game and have the greatest impact on a team winning and/or covering the point spread. Turnovers are also the least predictable statistic, as they are mostly random and especially fumbles due to a high percentage variance.  

As the season moves along, we'll have more stats to reference and evaluate. I load box score data into spread sheets weekly to assist me in my handicapping while also using analytics tools and stats provided by sites like Football Outsiders, Pro Football Focus and other sites, pro bettors and handicappers I correspond with and get data and ATS info from throughout the season to assist with my analysis, projections and picks. 

As the NFL continues to grow and we adjust to the new ways we watch, handicap, live bet and consume football, I hope to continue the sustained success providing picks and betting on football. The ability to learn and adjust is crucial to growth and preparation for future success, and I hope you also profit from my experience.

You can bet on it. 

FairwayJay is a proven sports handicapper with unparalleled success in NFL pointspread prognosis. Fairway is recognized as one of the sports industry's insightful analysts, and he chips in additional sports betting coverage and reporting on industry news and events. Follow FairwayJay here at and on X (Twitter) @FairwayJay for more sports betting insights

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