BetIslands in BIG Trouble - 12.19 Update

BetIslands ran into a big problem when their main backer pulled out on the book. This leaves player funds in limbo. Current management is trying to secure a backer or a bailout.

Within the last two weeks, we had a complaint or two on BetIslands and had been trying to contact Jon, the head man at BetIslands, for some time. Today, we found out unfortunately that Jon has left the company. He just rolled on everyone!

We had tried urgently to contact Jon since the middle of last week and had spoken to Ryan down at BetIslands. I spoke to Ryan again today who told me that Jon left the company. Just took off. This leaves them  in a horrible situation.

BetIslands ran into a big problem when their main backer pulled out on the book. They are trying to get someone else to cover them ASAP. We have talked to them and they are going to do their best to work this out for their customers. Check back with us towards the end of the week. I think we will have some answers by then. But right now, they are in a free fall.

In my last email to Jon I told him that we had no choice but to downgrade his book. Now, it appears that we did not act quickly enough. Still, we are hopeful that this will work out in some form.

Look for a more in-depth post with some possible solutions in the coming days.


12/19 UPDATE:

Important Message From BetIslands: We have completely ceased business while negotiations are conducted to find an out for the players.We will make a public statement as soon as we have more information. You may contact me regarding account balances using the following email address: .


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