Bernie Sanders betting and other shaky and sentimental online props

Several online sportsbooks still have odds listed for Bernie Sanders to win the Democratic nomination and become President of the United States, as well as other un-bettable props.

I love Bernie Sanders. The United States and the free world would no doubt be a more peaceful place if he pulled off the all-time upset and occupied the White House next year. He could both likely convince North Korea's Kim Jong Un to disable all his nuclear weapons and also host the greatest rock festival since Woodstock. But please...DON'T BET ON IT. Better to send him your money as a deductible campaign contribution.

Bernie Sanders Presidential oddsSadly, ol' Bernie is still listed at popular online wagering site Bovada at only +1000 to win the Democratic nomination and become President of the United States. That's 10-1!! The odds are better for me hooking up with Taylor Swift this weekend. They say "if you build it they will come". Perhaps if you place it on the board, people will bet on it as well.

But then again, maybe it could be like future betting at the Kentucky Derby taking place six months ahead? Remember, if your Derby horse scratches, there are no refunds and you are out of luck. Let's say Hillary is caught in bed next week with a hot young campaign intern. That leaves Bernie alone at a juicy +1000 vs. The Donald. OK, that scenario is right up there with me landing Taylor.

Believe it or not, only two months ago Bernie Sanders was +600 for President at Bovada and around that price at most of the leading online sportsbooks. He had taken down a few modest state primaries and the wagering community was starting to doubt Senator Clinton. That was before the Trump Train began to role and Hilary began to sweep delegates in the major voting states. You have to give Bernie a huge amount of respect and credit for hanging in there so long. Just don't give him your betting funds.

Other Sentimental & Traditional Favorites

The future book online can be a true goldmine for the patient and unemotional. But also a true nightmare for the traditional home loyalty fan. We want to both root and bet for our favorite teams at often extremely unfavorable odds. Here's a few obvious ones to potentially reconsider and maybe one current darling that might come as a surprise.

New England Patriots
The Pats are the current favorite to win Super Bowl 51 at +700 at Bovada and BetOnline. Regardless of Tom Brady's flawless record of winning playoff games, super models and court cases, he still is likely to sit out the first four games of the NFL season. Even if he does pull out another successful appeal, Tom is no different than any other human being. Just when will Father Time start approaching him? Just ask first ballot Hall of Famer Tim Duncan or anybody that had money on the San Antonio Spurs, now sitting home for the rest of the NBA playoffs.

The best measure of NFL playoff success was proven again last year. Peyton Manning didn't carry the Broncos into his retirement with another Super Bowl trophy. Defense did it for Denver and I don't think New England is as dominant nor worthy with favorite status. If anything is in their favor it might be the +700 price if you like the Pats. Should they get off to a 4-0 start or even 3-1, that declines to +300 future book odds for the Super Bowl by October 1st.

Alabama odds to win NCAA ChampionshipAlabama
Quite frankly, we missed the train last year and I also take full responsibility.

After that early loss to Mississippi in mid-September last season many were writing off the Tide's chances and unbelievably had dropped their future odds down from 10-1 to 12-1 to win the NCAA Championship in Nevada and most premium offshore sportsbook locations. Ol' Miss then inherited the top spot while some Alabama criticism had begun. All because of one five-point loss. Another "what have you done for me lately".

No forgetting this time. Alabama is listed at +500 at BetOnline and +700 at Bovada to win the NCAA Championship. But I can't see them withstanding another monumental challenge and they likely would have to remain undefeated to do it. The Crimson Tide begins the season with a tough game against USC at a neutral location (Dallas). That one won't be easy. If you like Alabama, better to wait till after that game. The price won't drop and should they lose you'll inherit a better one similar to last season. NCAA Déjà vu.

Got Your Goat
Yes, I know the Chicago Cubs are currently 27-10. Comparisons are pouring in to the 1927 Yankees with better pitching. Please, these are still the Cubs!!

The indicators were there right from the beginning of the season. Most leading offshore sportsbooks including Diamond Sports, Heritage and others had the Cubbies as the season Wins leader at 95 or 96. Their start has been impressive and that Over bet looks pretty good but there's a long, long way to go.

I'm not saying the Cubs will break the biggest drought in mankind's existence by winning the World Series but is +300 (3-1) worth it? That's the listed price at Bovada, BetOnline and most other preferred sportsbooks. Heck, the price for the Cubs to win the National League pennant is a mere +150. The odds were better than that on Nyquist to win the Kentucky Derby (2-1). He was undefeated and it only took him two minutes to accomplish it.

Like millions of others I will be rooting and praying for the Cubs but we'll first have curses, Bartmans and Billy goats to deal with to make it happen. Perhaps you don't want to bet against them but aren't there other wagering propositions with superior value?

So overall my dream is to wake up on November 15th, 2016 with Taylor Swift in bed with me, Bernie Sanders as President of the United States and the Chicago Cubs have won their first World Series since 1908. Can I bet that straight or as a 3-way parlay?

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