April is the best time to bet MLB baseball futures, while most have a future

Glenn examines the different MLB odds posted at every sports book worldwide. He digs into the numbers looking for value and an important factor in betting futures - timing.

Like a great sale, offshore sportsbooks now offer the most varied MLB futures value

In focusing upon NBA futures, there really is only one headline. Are you now getting a better price on Golden State by waiting for the playoffs to begin? A peek at preferred offshore sportsbook BetOnline now has the Warriors listed as +125 favorites, while a November investment was firm at -160. The Houston Rockets are currently a very respectable +180. We'll see, but the wise guys might brag about "timing the market" right in mid-June.

In the NHL, although likely an exaggerated story in Vegas, the stunning success of the Golden Knights supposedly has the sportsbooks there worried. Rule One: if anything's a guarantee in life it's that Vegas sportsbooks don't worry. They will pay the rent should the Knights skate off with the Stanley Cup. Rule Two: most of these wagers were small souvenir-type denominations at opening 300-1 to 500-1 odds. They still have four complete seven-game series to get through with little collective playoff hockey experience. But it sure looks good at today's +700 odds at Bovada. A fourth choice, even ahead of defending Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins at +800.

April Opportunity

I say we're taking our eyes off the bat & ball viewing opportunity wagering Major League Baseball Futures. Yes, I know it's tough getting excited when it's still snowing at Yankee Stadium and Wrigley Field.

The most important aspect to learn from this exercise is PATIENCE. We don't have to look far offering up a very recent example. The Philadelphia Eagles were 50-1 starting the NFL season this year to win the Super Bowl. Some September success only moved the line to 40-1 on October 1st. The rest is forever parade history of timing, belief and yes, much luck. But nobody was dreaming of their big score at Xmas, when the Eagles moved to becoming second choice.

Baseball is quite different as the clock moves much slower through a long 162-game schedule. The cream does eventually rise to the top by late August, early September. But some signs are worth taking a chance on, while the price is right.

Before you know it, the World Series will be upon us. So, while many teams remain in the race, here are the future book lines from Bovada:

MLB World Series odds future betting - Houston Astros             +425
 - Los Angeles Dodgers   +500
 - New York Yankees         +650
 - Cleveland Indians          +750
 - Chicago Cubs                +750
 - Washington Nationals   +900
 - Boston Red Sox           +1200
 - St. Louis Cardinals       +2000
 - San Francisco Giants   +2500
 - Los Angeles Angels     +2500
 - New York Mets              +2500
 - Arizona Diamondbacks +3000
 - Milwaukee Brewers       +3000
 - Minnesota Twins           +3000
 - Toronto Blue Jays         +3000
 - Colorado Rockies          +4000
 - Seattle Mariners             +5000
 - Philadelphia Phillies      +7500
 - Pittsburgh Pirates        +15000
 - Baltimore Orioles         +15000
 - Atlanta Braves              +17500
 - Tampa Bay Rays           +20000
 - Texas Rangers              +20000
 - Chicago White Sox       +20000
 - Oakland Athletics         +20000
 - San Diego Padres         +20000
 - Cincinnati Reds             +25000
 - Kansas City Royals       +50000
 - Detroit Tigers                 +50000
 - Miami Marlins                 +50000

The first exercise is eliminating the bottom 14 teams off the list starting with the Seattle Mariners +5000 running through the beyond hopeless Miami Marlins +50000. More often than the cream rising to the top, in baseball the dredge finds its way sinking to the bottom over such a long period of time.

Ironically, the best values may be on the top of the list. Reverse to the NBA situation, where the Warriors were handed the title before the start of the season. At least here's some genuine wagering competition. No doubt the Astros, Dodgers and Yankees odds will fall into the Summer months. I wouldn't be surprised should they get hot that the Cubs, Nationals or Indians creep down in price as well.

I think the St. Louis Cardinals at +2000 might be overrated because they often find a way staying in the pennant and WS race every season. The Red Sox at +1200 are good value depending on what happens to the Yankees. But they would be lower if not for all the wagering dollars currently going down on NYY.

MLB Division Races

So, you can't wait until the World Series. The good news is this year offer's some legitimate competition in the divisional races. Perhaps a stand-out that is a relatively good price to consider IF you get your wager down now. Here's a look at the ultra-competitive AL East from BetOnline:

Baltimore Orioles    +3300
Boston Red Sox        +100
New York Yankees    +110
Tampa Bay Rays     +3300
Toronto Blue Jays      +750

Drop the Orioles and Rays and we have a very interesting gambling prop. The Blue Jays have some shot at +750 but doubtful. That leaves a no-juice coin flip between Boston and New York. One or two injuries to key players and watch these odds severely change. I won't select to alienate myself from either Red Sox or Yankees fans.

Conversely, an obvious favorite might be a solid price by making a very early investment. Here are the odds to win the NL Central:

Chicago Cubs             -175
Cincinnati Reds        +5000
Milwaukee Brewers    +350
Pittsburgh Pirates       +750
St. Louis Cardinals     +500

Again, I believe the Cardinals are overrated due to their reputation. The Reds and Pirates are dreaming till they pay their way into full season competition. The Milwaukee Brewers should remain in the race. That leaves the Cubs to rebound this year and certainly win this division and have an easier time than last season. Whether they regain their World Series form is undetermined due to their pitching. However, at this juncture -175 to win the division looks as good (or better) odds than Golden State did at same odds to win the NBA title last Fall.

The MLB Future is NOW

Unlike other sports, you can eliminate almost half the teams for World Series consideration at the start of the season in baseball. Plus, this year offers some legit opportunity to narrow down a selection to either one or two teams in each division race. We'll give it to the Cleveland Indians in the AL Central but listed at around -400 at most preferred offshore sportsbooks it's not worth the price.

Don't wait until June 1st to make your favorite MLB selections. By then it will be too late, and you would be cheating yourself by accepting a much lower winning price. A simple strategy: select the best among the best right now and place the tickets in the "e-drawer".

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