After football and before the Madness, it's now Trump betting season

With the daily news spewing on social media and through 'fake news' organizations, bookmakers worldwide are offering a wide variety of prop bets on President Trump, his cabinet and family.

U.S. Presidential betting is taken to a new level with Trump prop bets

For both casual and serious bettors, this next month offers a hangover period between five months of fervent football wagering and anticipation toward March Madness, more commonly known as the NCAA College Basketball Tournament. A time to take inventory, count winnings or losses and smartly plan your strategy for the upcoming year. Yeah, right.

We all know that the top online sportsbooks always have an expanding menu of interesting opportunities to bet upon from both the U.S. and international world of sports. Week to week offers everything from dart tossing to curling and many entertaining options in between that are hard to resist popping up among the 200 or so channels offered on our high-definition televisions.

But no new "sport" has captured bettors imagination quicker than Trump betting props popping up everywhere but nowhere more imaginative, widespread or popular than respected international sportsbook Paddy Power. The European giant that has a loyal group of customers who have fallen in love with measuring and wagering on our newest President's every daily move.

Donald Trump gamblingAnd that's the best part!! Like changing NBA action or new pitching lines in Major League Baseball, you never know what The Donald will do next to invent a new proposition wager. Take this week's action at Paddy Power for example:

Trump to be Oficially Accused or Russian Collusion
Must be officially accused of collusion with Russia by a member of the US Government, Senate or House of Representatives. Has to happen while Donald Trump is the serving President of USA. Paddy Power decision is final.

Donald Trump to be Officially Accused of Russian Collusion   3/1

Supreme Court to Reinstate Trump Travel Ban

No    1/3
Yes   2/1

When will Seaon Spicer Leave/Get Sacked as White House Press Secretary

2018 or later   4/7
Q2 2017        10/3
Q1 2017         4/1
Q3 2017         9/1
Q4 2017       12/1

Noted earlier this week was a Trump prop involving his potential resignation. Incredibly, it had 2017 as a solid favorite at 3/1.

Perhaps the recent headlines involving his sudden soaring "popularity rating" increase took the wager off the board. Or maybe Trump placed a solid bet with a third-party source on himself. Anything is possible.

All categories are in-play here. Even "Trump Family Specials" including this topical gem:

Next Retailer to Drop Ivanka Trump

TJ Maxx    4/1
Walmart    5/1
Amazon    6/1
Macys     10/1
Zappos   12/1
Dillards   12/1
Bloomingdales  14/1
Sears      14/1

And if you really enjoy playing longshots, consider these props dedicated to The First Lady:

Melania Trump Specials

Melania to never move into the White House    5/1
Melania to be revealed to be living with another man in Trumps first term 10/1
Melania to run for President against Trump in 2020   80/1
Melania to leave Trump in 2017                       16/1
Melania to be deported in 2017                      100/1

Overall, if we continue down this path and The Donald continues to make headlines daily, no doubt he may create more prop bets than the Super Bowl. And if he stays in office long enough may create our fifth major sport to wager upon.

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