2nd Chance $100,000 NFL Survivor Contest

It's hard to get through 18 weeks of picking winners, so BetOnline is offering a 2nd chance survivor contest for players.

Online sports betting giant BetOnline is now offering their 2nd Chance $100,000 NFL Survivor Contest and players can get involved for the guaranteed 100K prize pool. 

Players can enter now up until Monday, Oct. 11th at 8:10pm (ET). Players can pick from any game on the board right up until Monday night's game between the Colts and Ravens. Entries cost $30 each and BetOnline customers can purchase up to 25 of them for more chances to win. 

BetOnline 2nd chance survivor contestThe 2nd Chance $100,000 NFL Survivor Contest is a standard survivor pool where contestants must select one team to win its game outright each week of the NFL Regular Season. Point spreads are irrelevant and once a player selects a team for a week, that team is not available for selection for the remainder of the contest. The contest ends on Week 18 of the 2020 NFL season, or when there is only one contestant remaining; whichever comes first.

The contestant(s) that have entries remain alive, without selecting a losing team, is the $100,000 Survivor Contest winner. If multiple contestants remain alive after Week 18, they will split the $100,000 evenly.

BetOnline makes is easy to get involved. The entry fee wil simply be deducted from a players' sports betting balance and players who choose not purchase all 25 entries, can come back and purchase more entries at any time until the deadline – Monday, October 11th at 8:05 pm (ET). Meaning, players can pick a Sunday Early game and if it loses, pick a late game or the SNF contest. And if all else fails, take a shot at the Monday Night Football game.

However, purchasing multiple entries at one time does bring down the overall cost. The first entry is $30, but entries two through 5 are just $10. Six to 10 entries are just $15, and the remaining 15 entries can be purchased for just  ten bucks apiece.

Current BetOnline customers can sign in and play and players looking to get in on the action can head to betonline.ag to get started.

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