2021 NBA Draft Odds, Prop Bets And More Trades Expected

FairwayJay chips-in NBA Draft coverage with odds, order, prop bets and information you can bet on.

The NBA Draft takes place Thursday, July 29 from the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. Coverage on ESPN begins at 8:30 p.m. ET, and there are plenty of ways to wager on the event. Offshore Gaming elite rated Sportsbetting.ag has posted numerous props for the special event, and NBA bettors have taken notice.

Sportsbetting.ag is part of the BetOnline family of bookmakers and offers live in-game betting to keep you invested in the action throughout the games and events. 

In evaluating the odds board ahead of the NBA Draft at Sportsbetting.ag, there are a number of prop bets offered including player draft positions, trades, top picks and more. Of course odds are subject to change as Sportsbetting.ag takes bets and bettors take a position on player draft position and prop bets.

Before we dive into the prop bets and projections, here is the 2021 NBA Draft order


1. Detroit
2. Houston
3. Cleveland
4. Toronto
5. Orlando
6. Oklahoma City
7. Golden State (from Minnesota)
8. Orlando (from Chicago)
9. Sacramento
10. New Orleans
11. Charlotte
12. San Antonio
13. Indiana
14. Golden State
15. Washington
16. Oklahoma City (from Boston)
17. Memphis
18. Oklahoma City (from Miami via the LA Clippers, Philadelphia, and Phoenix)
19. New York
20. Atlanta
21. New York (from Dallas)
22. Los Angeles Lakers
23. Houston (from Portland)
24. Houston (from Milwaukee)
25. LA Clippers
26. Denver
27. Brooklyn
28. Philadelphia
29. Phoenix
30. Utah

NBA draft betting tipsReports from NBA scouts and executives suggest there have been more trade discussions this year than usual. NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski of ESPN reported through his sources this week that the Memphis are finalizing a trade to send Jonas Valanciunas and 2021 Nos. 17 and 51 picks to New Orleans for Steven Adams, Eric Bledsoe, 2021 picks Nos. 10 and 40 and a protected 2022 first-round pick via the Lakers.

The top 5 consensus picks by the odds are: 

** Cade Cunningham (Oklahoma State, Guard)
** Jalen Green (G League Ignite, Guard)
** Evan Mobley (USC, Center)
** Jalen Suggs (Gonzaga, Guard)
** Scottie Barnes (Florida State, Forward)

Cunningham's odds to be the No. 1 overall pick are now -10000. While Jalen Green is viewed as a longer-term project, he's still the favorite to go No. 2 overall with odds of -500. Evan Mobley is just 20 years old with a full set of tools still to be developed, and he's +350 to be the second overall pick. 

The lottery picks from 1-14 could produce some surprises beyond the Top 5 picks, and are are some of the prop bet offerings at Sportsbetting.ag and BetOnline

Read more about the 30 best players in the 2021 NBA Draft, and note the strength of the freshman class with the over/under set at 13 freshman drafted in the first round.

How many trades will there be in Round 1?
Over 6.5
Under 6.5

Will there be a trade within top 10 picks in Round 1?
Yes +600
No -1500

How many non-NCAA players will be drafted in Round 1?
Over 5
Under 5

Will No. 1 overall pick be traded?
Yes +550
No -1000

How many freshmen will be drafted in Round 1?
Over 13
Under 13

How many seniors will be drafted in Round 1?
Over 2
Under 2

Sophomores O/U is 5.5 and Juniors is 4. 

Player Draft Positions

I've updated the draft position (up or down) and odds of players since the morning of July 27. A sharp move on Connecticut guard James Bouknight from last week and again today as he moves into the top 10. 

Alperyn Sengun - Over/Under 12 (Under -140)  Down from 12.5
Ayo Dosunmu - Over/Under 27 (Over -120)
Cameron Thomas - Over/Under 22 (Under -130)  Down from 22.5 
Chris Duarte - Over/Under 15.5 (Under -150)
Corey Kispert - Over/Under 14 (Under -140)
Davion Mitchell - Over/Under 12.5 (Over -120)
Day'Ron Sharpe - Over/Under 29 (Under -130)  Down from 30.5 
Franz Wagner - Over/Under 8.5 (Over -120)  Down from 9 
Isaiah Jackson - Over/Under 20.5 (Over -150)  Up from 18.5 
Isaiah Livers - Over/Under 53 (Over -120)
Jaden Springer - Over/Under 22.5 (Over -140)
Jalen Johnson - Over/Under 15 (Over -140)  Up from 14.5 
James Bouknight - Over/Under 6.5 (Under -150) Sharp move down from 10.5 and again at 7.5 today
Jared Butler - Over/Under 24 (Over -120)  Down sharply from 27  
Joel Ayayi - Over/Under 40 (Under -150)  Down from 40.5 
Jonathan Kuminga - Over/Under 7 (Over -120)  Up from 6.5  
Jonathan Primo - Over/Under 28 (Over -130)
Josh Christopher - Over/Under 32.5 (Under -150)  Down from 33 
Josh Giddey - Over/Under 10 (Under -130)
JT Thor - Over/Under 32 (Over -120)
Kai Jones - Over/Under 14.5 (Under -130)  Down from 15 
Keon Johnson - Over/Under 14.5 (Over -130)  Up from 13 
Luka Garza - Over/Under 53.5 (Over -120)
Miles McBride - Over/Under 28.5 (Over -120)
Moses Moody - Over/Under 11.5 (Under -165)
Nah'Shon Hyland - Over/Under 28 (Over -120)
Quentin Grimes - Over/Under 32.5 (Over -130)
Sharife Cooper - Over/Under 23 (Over -130)  Up from 21.5 
Tre Mann - Over/Under 26 (Under -130)
Trey Murphy - Over/Under 17.5 (Under -140)  Down from 19
Usman Garuba - Over/Under 16.5 (Over -150)
Ziaire Williams - Over/Under 18.5 (Over -120)

There are additional head-to-head prop bets on players to be drafted first. 


31. Milwaukee (from Houston)
32. New York (from Detroit via the LA Clippers and Philadelphia)
33. Orlando
34. Oklahoma City
35. New Orleans (from Cleveland via Atlanta)
36. Oklahoma City (from Minnesota via Golden State)
37. Detroit (from Toronto via Brooklyn)
38. Chicago (from New Orleans)**
39. Sacramento
40. New Orleans (from Chicago)**
41. San Antonio
42. Detroit (from Charlotte via New York)
43. New Orleans (from Washington via Milwaukee, Cleveland, and Utah)
44. Brooklyn (from Indiana)
45. Boston
46. Toronto (from Memphis via Sacramento)
47. Toronto (from Golden State via Utah and New Orleans)
48. Atlanta (from Miami via Sacramento and Portland)
49. Brooklyn (from Atlanta)
50. Philadelphia (from New York)
51. Memphis (from Portland via Dallas, Detroit, and Cleveland)
52. Detroit (from Los Angeles Lakers via Sacramento, Houston, and Detroit)
53. New Orleans (from Dallas)
54. Indiana (from Milwaukee via Houston and Cleveland)
55. Oklahoma City (from Denver via Golden State and Philadelphia)
56. Charlotte (from LA Clippers)
57. Charlotte (from Brooklyn)
58. New York (from Philadelphia)
59. Brooklyn (from Phoenix)
60. Indiana (from Utah)

If you follow the NBA closely, you've probably noticed that the Minnesota Timberwolves do not have any draft picks in 2021. The T-Wolves had just 23 wins last season but could not get lucky in the lottery to get a top-3 pick and keep their draft pick. Instead, Minnesota finished seventh and the No. 7 overall pick goes to Golden State as the final part of the D’Angelo Russell trade from February 2020. 

Check out the NBA Championship Futures ahead of the 2021 NBA Draft at Sportsbetting.ag. The Nets, Lakers, defending champion Bucks, Warriors and Suns currently have single-digit odds to win the 2022 NBA Title.  

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