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The Off Shore Gaming Association has been in business for over a dozen years certifying casinos for customers who gamble online. The OSGA has visited many casinos and includes a list of some of the top online casinos below. Each online casino has been tested and is a reputable, solid establishment. We have a Complete Casino List. We do not rate casinos on a scale or from 1 to 10, instead we look for places that pay, that give the consumer a good experience and that are responsive to inquiries. The casinos listed at the top of the Casino List page are some of the best casinos online today.

Each casino does offer some unique things that can make one casino better than another for some players. Many casino players look for bonuses when searching for the best online casino. Many of the online casinos give huge casino bonuses of more than 100%. Players should be aware that these bonuses require you to play through the money many times over. It is not uncommon to find a 200% free casino chip offer with a 20 time play through.

The biggest difference and the thing that keeps many players loyal is the casino software that powers the websites. Many of the top software providers no longer will allow their games to be used for play by Americans. However, great software for U.S. players is available from Real Time Gaming (RTG) and Top Game Technology, as well as software form some of the sportsbook providers.

But really the bottom line is getting paid. The OSGA will only certify a casino that has no problems with paying customers when they win.

We urge players to do their homework BEFORE sending any money to an offshore casino. Too often we are contacted after a player sends in money only to find out that the place is on our infamous Blacklist. We have mediated thousands of disputes and generally have an excellent success rate in helping players who are wagering with a reputable website. Though we will attempt to help any player with a dispute at any online casino, we have very little success with places that are already listed as Bad Bets.

Years ago there were hundreds of online casinos, almost too many to count. However, due to the consolidation of the industry, smaller profit margins and software provider issues, the number of online casinos, especially ones that cater to U.S. players, has been reduced to schiesters and a handful of very reputable, top outlets. In fact, there are far fewer casinos online today than there were just in 2009. Some of the top outlets no longer will take bets from Americans and many are refusing new customers from the States. Others have flip-flopped depending on the software provider. Still, Americans can play at the Top Casinos listed to the right. They are all very solid companies that have been around for years and have no payout complaints on file with OSGA.

Online casinos players should be aware that places that are casinos only, with no sportsbook or poker room attached are generally found to produce more winners. Players should also know that these games are ruled by a Random Number Generator (RNG) that mimics the real game through a complex math formula. Generally speaking, online casino games are similar to the land-based game, but are not exactly the same games.For example, in the online world, there is no 'hot' or 'cold' dealer, it's a computer program . . .

Finally, players should be made aware that stand-alone casinos do not have the vast amount of payout methods that many of the top sportsbooks have. Some of the best casinos can only pay out through bank wire or check and these may take up to two weeks two get to players in the U.S. International players have many more options.

Betting at an online casino can be fun and proftable. However, we also want to reinforce the old axiom "Bet with your Head, Not Over it". Players should not use any money or make charges that are needed for the rent, car payment or next meal. Online gambling should be looked at as entertainment. Players can find secure and legal casino betting on the Internet via computer, cell phone or PDA 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at top online casinos with just the click of a mouse.