Congratulations to ‘bru38’, the winner of the 2016-2017 OSGA College Bowl Bonanza!

‘bru38’ beat out nearly 160 other players by picking twenty out of 32 College Bowl games correctly, against the spread! He hit at a fantastic win percentage of 63%. However, ‘GJtheDJ’ also picked 20 games correctly! So we had to go to the tie-breaker, the total number of points in the College Football Championship. When the explosion of points in the second half ballooned the total to 66, it really came down to who picked the highest total. ‘bru38’ had 65, giving him the win and the Grand Prize of $500 cash, courtesy of OSGA. ‘GJtheDJ’ had a total of 59 giving him the second place honors and $250.

The Bowl Contest also ended up in tie for third place with a total of 19 wins. Again, the tie-breaker was the deciding factor as ‘jazz6171′ had the exact total in the 35-31 win by Clemson claiming the 3rd place prize of $125, courtesy of OSGA. ‘Johnno’ also had 19 wins, but his tie-breaker went over the final total. Still he cashed for $75 for his effort. 

“It’s hard to believe that after 32 games Against the Spread that it all came down to the points in the NCAA Championship,” said OSGA President Jim Quinn. “After over a decade of running a Bowl Contest, it is still amazing that it usually comes down to the final game.”

The OSGA College Bowl Bonanza has had many years where a large portion of the field picked games at a rate of 60% or better, but with so many underdogs winning this year, only the top two finishers hit at that rate. Again this year the contest was using the point spread, adjusted prior to the start of the contest to ½ points to avoid pushes, and that was the deciding factor early on that propelled ‘bru38′ to victory. 

Five other players tied for 5th place. Again the total for the Championship was used and ”bstreaks’ hit the exact total, cashing for the $50 5th place prize.

This year the College Bowl Bonanza also featured two new prizes, a Consolation Prize consisting of a $25 Free Play at contest sponsor WagerWeb and a Bad Beat Prize for players who went 0-3 during the College Football Playoff games. Surprisingly 10 players did not pick more than 10 games correctly and earned a consolation prize. And, with Alabama losing in the National Championship, nearly 1/5 of the field is eligible for the Bad Beat Prize, where Elite-rated WagerWeb will give players a $100 match play based on a $100 deposit.

Thank you to everyone who participated in another great free contest from OSGA. Check back with OSGA for more free contests, including the Super Easy, Super Bowl Contest and Members-Only Super Bowl contest and our huge March Madness contest.