As many of you are aware, there are many sportsbooks that are simply taking a long time to get money to their players. Add to the list. We have received complaints of up to a month to get paid. We contacted Customer Service at the sportsbook and almost immediately, got an offer from them to help with player issues. However, subsequent correspondence has gone unanswered. We were also given a contact at the Oddmaker who also initially appeared to be helpful. Again, once the complaints started rolling in we were told that ‘he simply does not have time’ to help and wanted to ‘nip this in the bud before I start to get these every week’. We are unable to find anyone at this sportsbook that is willing to help out with player payout issues, or maybe they just do not know when some of these payouts will arrive for players.

So, unlike, BetUS and a slew of others where we are able to get assistance from management with the current payout situation offshore…..if you have a problem at Oddsmaker, you are on your own.