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Philipp Geppert: eSports is a very fragmented industry

Published: Mar 13, 2018

Despite its swift audience growth, the eSports industry is still considered to be at its infancy. Analysts have long predicted that eSports is in the cusp of becoming a billion-dollar industry and yet, for an industry that boasts millions of audience, it still lags behind other sectors as far as investment is concerned.

Investors tend to put most of their money on traditional sports than venture into the realm of video games because they believe that the former is a safer bet. But despite being a fragmented industry,'s Philipp Geppert pointed out that competitive gaming presents many opportunities since it doesn't have big players to compete with and marketing expenses tend to be lower.

"What you have in the eSports industry is that it is a very fragmented industry. With a community platform, a lot of people had the problem of monetizing on their customer," Geppert told "What we do is put several revenue streams in our model to be able to pay for this high-quality content that we have to produce because that's not cheap." is a one-stop shop for competitive gaming that Geppert and his co-founder Benjamin Föckersperger developed after discussing the industry with attendees of the 2017 ICE event.

"So, like a day later, we collected our files and basically said we really have to do this. There's no way around it. So the next day, I entered my office and said, 'sorry I'm out of here' and from that moment on, we did," he said. "Right now, we have 20 to 30 people working on it via an ICO. So there's a lot of marketing going on. There's 15 people working on the product."

Several months after it was conceived, the eSports platform won the EiG Start-up Launch Pad 2017. When asked what he felt after was feted in the EiG Start-up Launchpad, Geppert said that he was "incredibly proud" of his team.

"I have to say, I love to win. So, it is great to be the winner of the EiG Launchpad. So, this is nice to get the prize. They deserved it. We deserved it for the extremely good work that we are doing and for their enthusiasm," he said.

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