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This "FREE" gambling website takes in deposits but is already behind on payouts.

***** OSGA Bad Bet Alert  *****


Reason for today’s alert:
This “FREE” gambling website takes in deposits but is already behind on payouts.

Blacklist Notes:
This outfit opened just recently and attempts to lure players in with a free $2.50 to play with. However, they spend most of their efforts on the website in soliciting players to deposit funds. Players are urged to use PayPal, which has not allowed the transfer of funds for gambling in the U.S. for over 5 years. This operation is lieterally a one-man show as often phones are  not answered and the same guy takes wagers, does customer service and tells players looking for  delayed payouts that he has to ‘speak to accounting’.

Specific Notes:
We have already heard from players who did deposit and have been waiting for over a month for a payout. claims to be a legal site, yet they take sports bets within the borders of the U.S., operating out of New Jersey. They use handicappers and a picks site to lure in customers. This feels like a twist on a scam run by Mardy Kidd back in 2004 using the website UWagerSports. They recently sent out an email that they are under new management and will be paying out soon. However, this appears to be just a stall tactic to keep players at bay while they find more players to fund accounts.

Feel free to try the free $2.50, but do not send money to this operation. It is just a matter of time till they run, or get picked up by the Feds.