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By: Total Control Sports -
Published: Mar 26, 2017

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Date: March 26, 2017

Game: Portland trailblazers at Los Angeles Lakers 

Line: Portland -6 1/2

Over /Under: 219.5

Play On: Portland -6 1/2

Well we got the total but we didn't get the site is Kansas didn't show up last night in Oregon was it in threes like they were going out of style today you're looking good with NBA early so I'm going to stick with NBA tonight and hopefully we can win the gators and the over in college and we also like the herls and the under later. That's our college for today but moving on to the pros which is what we're going to get out today because that's what we care about us we  look at early with our Hornets huge revenge play going early moving on the in the NBA we like the trailblazers tonight they're playing for a lot they're playing the Lakers who don't care about the season and our route of a rear win. Later point to Portland hopefully they come out there and deliver should be a nice easy winner today and they finish off the lake or something Minnesota couldn't do the other night. Leave the points with the trailblazers expect them to come out there and win by double digits and hopefully we can win or to college games as well and we will have an interesting final four with the gators and the heels in it.

good luck is always email list for other players are any questions but let's win the trailblazers for you as we end the weekend with the big winner.

 Well last night is what March madness was all about Florida gators had the game one then they gave it away in the nation one and then they ended up winning it was an incredible game first buzzer beater summer you push some you may want is the line dropped but either way incredible game nobody should've lost so I push last night will take it amazing drama we also won our big play the night with Kentucky as well as the hundred I've had Kentucky going very far in the tournament and they showed last night why are you still lays a little overrated so glad we got that out-of-the-way . We also go to and on the NBA with the Cavaliers with a nice win and the sons covering with the one man performance by Mr. Bucher there was quite a performance and incredible game and I'll take the win anytime I can getting double digits is actually both double digit dogs last night covered in the NBA today we're going with the favorites usually were dog guy today it's favorites time we like in Zagreb early and the overs what we gave out and in the late game we're going with Kansas and the if you're smart maybe can buy the hook get Kansas -6 and hopefully 158 on the total as I think it'll be a little lower score than people think but Kansas has been the best team in this tournament so far they should be playing for the national championship or whoever they play in the final four will be the real national championship at a later point they canceled let's see if they can win another game by double digits and I think they can can take them in the first half as well. so if you're smart maybe can buy the hook get Kansas -6 and hopefully 158 on the total as I think it'll be a little lower score than people think but Kansas has been the best team in this tournament so far they should be playing for the national championship or whoever they play in the final four to be the real national championship at later points they Kansas let's see if they can win another game by double digits and I think they can you can take on the first half as well we have a big NBA players well tonight and one total but for today Kansas is the play let's see if we can sweep another weekend for you and stay hot because we've only lost two out of our last 12 games on this site for you guys. Later point to Kansas on Saturday and enjoy another winner and will be back tomorrow!!!

 Well how about that yesterday we gave you the under and it was a sweaty as it's ever going to be what a great game with a nasty ending for Arizona what a nasty wait in the tournament we get the hundred by a point or half point everybody should've won worst case you could've pushed if you stayed late but it should've been an under game so nice win as we continue to kill in the tournament and went and baskets tonight we are going to give you a Nother winner in college basketball but a quick recap last night we pushed with Gonzaga Or or one depending on your line and we also one with Kansas and the over. We did lose with the spurs in the NBA a tough loss there but tonight we're going to go with the Florida gators to be to the Wisconsin Badgers this is a great matchup a great game should be an interesting game all the way to the end but we feel the badgers are not as good as the gators and  The gators guard to match up well with the badgers guards there should be a great game but hopefully the defense of the gators will lead them to victory look for a game just like Michigan Oregon last night. So lay the point with the gators and enjoy a nice winter here on Friday night as we continue to give you winners every night in the baskets. Email us for more free winners !!!

Well we should have stuck with baskets but those who emailed got a great bunch of winners highlighted with Denver our big nba dog outright  winner and Bakersfield our late info dog winner and cflorida and under parlay winner. Only oser was Utah Valley by a bucket.

Tonight we go back to baskets and we have a great card. NO one has been better at march madness guys.

Tonight we look at the last game and we will keep you up. Arizona and xavier both play different styles but Xavier put up  91 on Florida st you think they will do that on arizona's d. I dont think so. Arizona is the best team in this region and they prove it again tonight with a nice win and do it with their D.

Arizona wins 73-65 as we get the under by a few buckets.

TAKE the under 145 and be a winner tonight !!!!!

Gl as always and just email for more winners.

 Well I ask you if there's anybody hotter please let me know because nobody is we win again we're now seven and one at last date we won four in a row all of them aren't easy but last night was as the balls covered from beginning to and can't believe they actually blew that game they were up 15 late in the fourth it's unbelievable but in overtime cover and the bottom line is a win is a win. We have a few games tonight but I'm going to Go to the Nhl tonight and we're going to give you The New York Rangers we haven't done a hockey game in a while we may be only done five or six hockey games ever on the site so we do hockey once in a while we probably have maybe a week with five plays a week with one or two plays we're not the hockey guys but we do have hockey once in a while and tonight I'm going to give you the New York Rangers they need this game they're playing well of a loss let's take a chance with the New York Rangers the line is going up which is not always the right thing but the Ranger should win tonight on Wednesday for you and then tomorrow March madness is backside of the exciting we do have a couple NBA games for you so we should have A nice car tomorrow tonight only if you games but again the Rangers is your play tonight as we try and keep our hot streak alive here in March good luck to everyone you can always email us for the four card free of charge thank you.

After a much needed day off after we swept i repeat SWEPT the 3 day wekeend for you and what a way to sweep with USC a shot at the buzzer for the cover amazing incredible game and how good these numbers are but we will take the much needed win.

Ok we had 2 plays yesterday golden st and denver over both winners and then a small college play on Utah Valley so let's see if we can duplicate it today.

One of our three plays is the BULLS. They own the Raptors and nothign will change tonight. Take the 7.5 points and don't be surprised if the Bulsl win  this game outright as they fight for a playoff spot.

Take the points  as the bulls hang in there in a 98-95 type game.

Gl as always email us for more winners from the most consistent cappers out there !!!!!

 The madness continues and nobody I repeat nobody is doing better than we are here total control we get to the St. Mary's under yesterday and today were going to give you another winner of the tournament to make it a sweep of the tournament for you in the last three days and four out of the last five. We are going to give you the USC Trojans guys it's time for some protection put on those robbers and take the Trojans plus the six they are playing better they match up very well with Baylor and they're dangerous team this game  is going down to the wire there's no doubt in my mind USC can win this game out right and everybody who follows it snows underdog out rates are great winners we already went today with the Michigan in under a sweaty think we won with Kentucky and the under yester line was going back-and-forth in Kentucky but when I gave it out you would've won guys as well as the Moneyline parlay's we've got a great card for the evening we also have an NBA like going we already one with the NBA with Dallas earlier so we are undefeated we want to baseball today don't miss the rest of the card we are rolling I am very confident in tonight please I'm very confident right now in the tournament is our brackets that looks amazing out of the Sweet 16 we are only missing two teams so far so follow us riders email list for the rest of the information and don't forget your protection tonight with the USC Trojans plus the points.

gl as always !!!

  They call it March madness for reason I'm sure everybody's brackets was Busted today hopefully not everybody had Villanova winning the championship there should be a very fun round but yesterday was great as we gave you Rhode Island and I don't know if we told you but I do everybody we know that we told him it would be a three double digit seeds would win and three double digits he did win and like I said this is going to be a fun tournament there's been a lot of Miss seeding  and that's why there will be mistakes and problems for somebody's team so shouldn't be playing games this early like Villanova in Kentucky playing teams that were the best teams in their conferences but there's a difference between Vegas lines in the March madness tournament committee and we are seeing that right now but moving on let's go to tonight's game St. Mary's is a very slow team they actually are the slowest take the most time out of any team in this tournament they're playing Arizona who just scored 100 points public and everybody screaming over over over but of St. Mary's is any chance of winning in covering  this game there's only one way to do that and that's the play this game in the 60s and a low-scoring game and keep Arizona from scoring with their high-powered offense so we are going to play the under in this game we think Arizona should win but this thing is going down to the wire this will be probably the best game of the day so enjoy the under from the best totals experts out there Arizona and St. Mary's under one 36 1/2 maybe you could even go up a little more if you wait because clearly after the opening-round where there were so many overs people are going crazy with the overs but what happened last round has nothing to do with with what's going to happen today and tomorrow and we will be back tomorrow with another winners we try and sweep the weekend for you email us for the rest of the card but enjoy the under for now good luck as always!!!!

Well we won the Cavs it doesn't matter by how many wins as long as you win it was a nasty sweaty game but will take it good day yesterday we only lost one team in our bracket so that tells you how good a day we had and we're looking good early already with Michigan in the over hopefully New Mexico State in the over and we got Arkansas on the over looks good let us get going this morning so speaking of scoring we love Rhode Island that's one of our double digit upsets there should be three upsets today at least if not more and one of them will be Rhode Island over Creighton we think Rhode Island is hot 

They are playing better they've been playing better Creighton is in a weak  conference didn't impress me the right end of the year and I don't feel they deserve to be this higher seed personally so we're going to take Rhode Island upset Creighton lay point and a half  enjoy an afternoon winter and all I have to say about yesterday is the guy who plays for Vanderbilt should be ashamed of himself did not know the score of the game with under 20 seconds left or 10 seconds even after a timeout that guy should be off the court he needs to be retrained and there's so many things I can say but do not know the situation that may guy made the second biggest mistake in March madness history behind the Chris Webber time out because he you're truly cost Vanderbilt the game you can say what you want but that man cost them the game by himself otherwise they win or at least it would've been interesting so we'll see what happens but let's see how we do that today we're hot email us we love March madness probably won't have 15 out of 16 in our bracket todaybut I'll take anything close to it so will try and be back later but enjoyed Rhode Island this afternoon good luck email us the rest of the card


 Well Vanderbilt off to a slow start let's hopefully see if they can come back in the second half and win as if they do in middle Tennessee state does we are eight no in our bracket to start the morning which is very impressive to win every game in the bracket in the morning so let's hope we get there we do have more evening action don't just play the dogs are think the favorites gonna blow people out doesn't work like that but moving on to the NBA which is our late play tonight the jazz got us last night they're playing back to back to playing at Cleveland Kevin loves supposed to be back  The Cavaliers lost to the jazz to get the Washington in Boston boys breathing down their neck so I think the Cavs have to come out there and deliver tonight and show they are the best team in the East End beat one of these very good teams in the West with the jazz our latest seven with the cabs look for them to win by double digits and let's see what happens so go cabs email us for the rest of the card we do have a lot of big plays going tonight and remember a Vanderbilt wins we are going to go ETA know this morning in our bracket can't beat that good luck guys 

Well we didn't deliver for the NBA with you with the Pistons last night as they were never in the game sorry about that half an amazing Tuesday Wednesday was a little bit of a letdown wasn't the best day wasn't the worst day we did lose the persons for you obviously we did win the box late we won accurate out right and we won Utah Valley RV the public play but overall only five and three day.

 I'll try and give you 2 Free Pl. today but our first one is definitely going to be on one of the best matchups we are going to see this first round Northwestern has been in the tournament ever Vanderbilt it doesn't deserve to be according to most people with their 15 losses but they were hot down the stretch their nasty team they hit threes and this will be a maze in game and I can't wait to watch this one that being said I think Vanderbilt is harder better and I think Northwestern is happy to be there Vanderbilt should go further and if they want to 9C would actually have a chance of upsetting another game but let's take Vanderbilt To win another game here and hey you never know Gonzaga is not looking good so Vanderbilt could win another game that will take Vanderbilt at least advance to the next round later to whatever spread you're getting it should be a great game and I think Vanderbilt hangs on and I'll try and be back later tonight with another winter you can always sign up and get a full car for free I got to do is email us good luck as always. for more winners



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