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The one thing that every gambler needs is tools to make it easier to win. The old proverb goes : there is the right tool for every job, and gambling is no different. No one would try to replace a water heater of fix their car without having some idea what they are doing. Gambling is no different. Players should do research not only on where to play, but also on who to bet on and where to bet it.

Studying the games is one of the best ways to get a leg up. Do not bet on teams that you know nothing about. Do not make wager types that you do not really understand. And above all, do not bet to "get out" or "get even".

Players can start doing research by reading on upcoming games. Handicapping articles that give not only angles and opinions, but facts, are invaluable. Generally these are written by handicappers and people in the industry. Some handicappers are excellent with certain conferences or specific sports and can offer great insight. Unfortunately, many of the handicappers that are the most visible, are also the ones who seem to pick games on hunches or antiquated methodology.

In fact, we get asked about handicappers all of the time. The BEST handicappers only win 60+ percent of the time. Sure, anybody can get hot and go 80% for two weeks, but a handicapper that does 61 or 62 percent has had a very good year. One way to see how different 'cappers do is to check out their Free Picks. Generally speaking, free picks are not as 'strong'  as picks that you pay for, but a handicapper that hits half of his freebies, probably will win more than he loses in games he is charging for. Still, players should evaluate the cost of the plays vs. how much is wagered. Paying $50 for a pick that is going to have $100 wagered on it is not financially sound.
We urge players to open multiple accounts. The most overlooked thing amongst regular players is looking for the best line. Players are often too content to take the line given, when another outlet may have a half point, or less juice for the same wager. Shopping the line is a very important concept that will always yield results. Players should always be aware of getting the best number.

Checking the line at various sportsbooks is always a good idea. Places like Don Best and Vegas Insider post lines from multiple sportsbooks simultaneously. Checking the number at outlets like Pinnacle Sports or 5Dimes can give some insight as both of these outlets have an opinion. Players who like underdogs should look for outlets that weigh a little heavier on the favorite, places like Bovada and BetUS.

Players also need to understand if what they are wagering on is a good bet. We have and odds calculator to help with playing parlays. There are a huge variety of bets in addition to parlays. Teasers, pleasures, reverses and other bets are really no better for the player than straight wagers. Are they fun, yes. But are they profitable . . . not so much.

Money management is a valuable tool for any gambler. Having a set dollar amount to bet, that works within a players bankroll cannot be understated. Making haphazard wagers, chasing or playing 'hunches' almost never pays off.