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Top Online Poker Rooms!
The Off Shore Gaming Association has been in business for over a dozen years certifying online poker websites since the inception of the online poker industry. The OSGA has visited many poker rooms and includes a list of some of the top online poker sites below. Each poker site has been tested and is a reputable, solid establishment. We have a Complete Poker List. We do not rate poker websites on a scale or from 1 to 10, instead we look for places that pay, that give the consumer a good experience and that are responsive to inquiries. The poker rooms listed at the top of the Poker List page are some of the best online poker sites today.

Though the game of poker has been around for hundreds of years, each poker site does offer some unique things that can make one stand out for some players. Many poker players look for bonuses when choosing an online poker room. Many of the online poker sites give huge sign-up bonuses of more than 100%. Players should be aware that these bonuses require you to play and earn the bonus money. It is not uncommon to find a very high play through to dollar ratio.

Another big draw for some players is the various poker tournaments that are run everywhere on the Internet. Most poker sites run cash tournaments and freerolls on a daily, some of them hourly, basis. Almost every room offers a weekly guaranteed tournament, some of them worth tens of thousands of dollars. Years ago every site ran tournaments where the prize was a seat at the World Series of Poker. Now, many sites do offer seats at big-time events like the WSOP and the Aussie Millions.

The game of online poker forever changes on 'Black Friday, April 15, 2011. The United States effectively shut down several VERY large poker rooms that catered to Americans. Only Poker Stars immediately paid back their players after shutting down their US facing operation. This has caused the vast amount of U.S. online poker players to simply stop playing online.

We urge players to do their homework BEFORE playing online poker. Too often we are contacted after a player sends in money only to find out that the place is on our infamous Blacklist. We have mediated thousands of disputes and generally have an excellent success rate in helping players who are wagering with a reputable website. Though we will attempt to help any player with a dispute at any online poker room we have very little success with places that are already listed as Bad Bets.

The online poker industry is still very young and is only now a decade old. During the late nineties there were many poker sites, but really the marketw as dominated by just a handful of companies. However, due to the consolidation of the industry, the involvement of the United States Department of Justice and continued problems with software providers the number of online poker rooms, especially ones that cater to U.S. players, has been reduced greatly, though most that are left are quite reputable outlets. Some of the top outlets no longer will take for-money play from Americans and many are refusing new customers from the States. Others have flip-flopped depending on the software provider. Still, Americans can play at the Top Poker Rooms listed to the right, get a fair game and expect to get paid when they win.

Playing online poker can be fun and profitable. However, we also want to reinforce the old axiom "Bet with your Head, Not Over it". Players should not use any money or make charges that are needed for the rent, car payment or next meal. Online gambling should be looked at as entertainment. Players can find secure and legal poker games on the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week at top poker sites with just the click of a mouse.