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  • 2018 World Series Odds

    2018 World Series OddsLooking for which MLB team is the likely favorite to win the World Series? We list the current odds to win the 2018 World Series and update them as the odds change. The 2018 World Series lines are constantly moving and will be offered right up until the final game!

    Odds to win the 2018 World Series

    Team Odds
    New York Yankees 17/4
    Houston Astros 19/4
    Boston Red Sox 13/2
    Washington Nationals 8/1
    Chicago Cubs 9/1
    Cleveland Indians 10/1
    Los Angeles Dodgers 12/1
    Seattle Mariners 12/1
    Milwaukee Brewers 14/1
    Arizona Diamondbacks 18/1
    Atlanta Braves 20/1
    St. Louis Cardinals 28/1
    Philadelphia Phillies 40/1
    San Francisco Giants 40/1
    Colorado Rockies 50/1
    Los Angeles Angels 50/1
    New York Mets 75/1
    Minnesota Twins /td> 100/1
    Pittsburgh Pirates 100/1
    Detroit Tigers 200/1
    San Diego Padres 200/1
    Oakland Athletics 300/1
    Tampa Bay Rays 500/1
    Toronto Blue Jays 500/1

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    Odds to win the 2018 American League Pennant

    Team Odds
    New York Yankees 2/1
    Houston Astros 9/4
    Boston Red Sox 7/2
    Cleveland Indians 5/1
    Seattle Mariners 6/1
    Los Angeles Angels 28/1
    Minnesota Twins 50/1
    Detroit Tigers 75/1
    Oakland Athletics 100/1
    Tampa Bay Rays 200/1
    Toronto Blue Jays 200/1

    Odds to win the 2018 National League Pennant

    Team Odds
    Washington Nationals 13/4
    Chicago Cubs 15/4
    Los Angeles Dodgers 4/1
    Milwaukee Brewers 15/2
    Arizona Diamondbacks 9/1
    Atlanta Braves 9/1
    St. Louis Cardinals 12/1
    San Francisco Giants 18/1
    Philadelphia Phillies 20/1
    Colorado Rockies 25/1
    New York Mets 33/1
    Pittsburgh Pirates 50/1
    San Diego Padres 75/1

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    Updated 08.13.18, Check back for updates on Super Bowl LIII odds